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   Chapter 257 Who Is Behind All This

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9517

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With a whirlwind of emotions in her head, Jean held her knees and buried her head between her legs. Having no energy to move, she just curled up on the carpet, and wept her heart out.

Drowned in great pain and desperation, she blankly stared straight and felt her own tears dropping down her cheeks like rain. Without even realizing, she cried to sleep in the same position. As time passed by, it became colder and colder and shiver ran through her body. It was the extreme cold that woke her up from sleep.

Looking around, she found a trace of twilight had hovered over her head. 'I spent all night sleeping here, ' she thought sadly.

All the crying she had done yesterday turned her eyes into puffy and red. The light that came from the window made it hard for her to see clearly, so she squinted.

It was a rough night. She wished she could go back to sleep and forget all her worries.

Thinking about it made her want to cry all over again. She realized Zed had left her alone and left ruthlessly without glancing behind.

Unfortunately, her tears failed to flow today. She felt yesterday's incessant and intense cry had made her dry and there was no more tears left inside her.

'Jesse went to find Zed last night and didn't come back either, ' her mind spoke like it had a voice of its own.

Under this situation, Jean couldn't afford to dwell on anything else.

She didn't blame Zed for his anger because she knew she would have reacted in the same way.

After all, Jean herself felt shocked when she glanced on the screen and saw herself with another man.

'Who is behind all this?

Eva? Or Jesse?

Or did they gang up against me?' Jean allowed her mind to dwell on these thoughts.

Worrying about it, Jean was totally perplexed. She closed her dry eyes, with nothing but bitter feelings penetrating through her mind.

Although she didn't know who had framed her up, she was very certain that the fiend wanted to ruin her relationship with Zed at all costs. The one that had set her up intended to break them apart.

As Jean thought of all these, her mouth twitched. A wan and bitter smile crept across her face.

'Why is life so hard for me?

Why is there always someone trying to break us apart?

No, I can't sit here and do nothing. I think its time for some action.

Zed is very angry with me. And now, Jesse is still not back yet. I can't put our marriage in jeopardy anymore!'

She took a deep breath and got up wanting to do something rather than sulk around.

Sitting in this position for such a long time, she felt it hard to get up. Every part of her body felt sore.

She staggered and nearly tumbled down back to the ground. Luckily, the wall helped her from having a full fall.

Jean hurriedly grabbed one leg of the table and made every effort to reach the door.

She stretched her

hinking of this possibility, she made her way and walked towards the next room without hesitation.

As she marched into the living room, Jean was thinking how to help Zed sober up, because he would definitely have a headache after he woke up. Thus, she hurriedly got a bottle of mineral water out of the fridge.

Like the other bedroom outside, the door of this room was also ajar.

At that moment, Jean felt relieved, as it seemed that Zed was really present here.

Jean gently pushed the door open with a wide smile.

As she pushed the door a little, Jean saw that Zed was lying on the bed and still fast asleep.

However, she was shocked to notice he held another woman in his arms.

Seeing this painful sight, all her hopes crumpled. She rubbed her eyes thinking it had to do something with her eye-sight.

Unable to believe, she walked closer to the bed and was shocked to notice the woman in his arms.

Just now, Jean wondered why Jesse hadn't went back last night and this cleared up her doubts

'Jesse was missing because she had slept the night with my husband.' Jean's mind screamed with fury.

To her astonishment, they both looked quite comfortable and held close to each other. 'They slept together!' her mind repeated and disgust crept across her body.

That bottle of water in Jean's hand suddenly fell onto the floor and broke into tiny fragments.

The two of them, Jesse and Zed, woke up in shock due to the noise and opened their blurry eyes.

"Jesse..." Zed muttered when he opened his eyes and saw Jesse's face. For a second, he thought it must have been a dream.

Their gaze met when Jesse heard Zed's voice. She turned her eyes wide open in great amazement. "Zed, " said Jesse.

Hearing Jesse's voice, Zed was stunned with his eyes bulging out. He came to his senses and realized that it was not a dream. Thus, he quickly jumped out of the bed.

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