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   Chapter 256 How Dare She Cheat On Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7215

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As long as she kept stirring up the trouble, Zed's hatred for Jean would get worse and worse by every passing second.

A sly smile passed her face when she realized she had managed to make Zed even angrier.

To look like she was sad, Jesse sighed deliberately, walked close to Zed and patted him on the shoulder with comforting words, "Zed, don't get mad. Too much anger is bad for your health."

"How can I not be mad? She went behind my back and drank with another man, and laughed so happily. How can I not get mad? Does she really think of herself as Mrs. Qi or not? Does she really take me and our relationship seriously?"

Zed got emotional but hid his tears, which were waiting to flow, by shouting.

Every scream and hate-filled words directed to Jean brought a great sense of pleasure to Jesse.

"Zed, let it go and stop being so mad!" Jesse sighed and comforted Zed with patience. "It's best that you two give each other some space and cool things off. Rest assured. I know that you still care about her. I will take good care of her in your absence."

Hearing that, the anger on Zed's face finally calmed down.

Zed looked at Jesse with complex feelings and sighed. "I'm just so mad that my wife was seen by the whole H City flirting with another man at a club. I want to think this through and figure out a solution before taking an action, " he added with finality.

"Zed......" Zed's devastated look and upset face popped an idea into Jesse's mind, so she casually asked, "You are not going to divorce Jean because of this incident, are you?"

Zed was stupefied by Jesse's words like it never occurred to him before.

"Divorce?" he asked loudly. Repeating the word brought a sour taste to his mouth. 'Divorce, ' he thought in his head.

'Why am I getting so worried at the mention of divorce?

Is it because somewhere deep down I still believe Jean?' he worried.

'No, that couldn't be.'

When one of his assistants told him about the video, he asked him to check out who uploaded that video.

And the search showed that it was uploaded by someone called Lance Wang.

And that person admitted he did it under the ins

happily, Jesse didn't try to stop him.

Jesse drank with him boldly, one after another.

Soon, the table was filled with empty cans.

Jesse's eyes became blurry gradually, so she looked at Zed and laughed crazily, "Zed, why do you have two heads......"

"You are drunk......" said Zed seeing Jesse has started to act all crazy.

"I'm not drunk...... Really, I'm very sober......" she said but her words made it obvious she was drunk. Jesse murmured displeased, she staggered up and raised the beer in her hand, "Cheers, Zed......"

Zed clinked his beer with Jesse's and continued to drink.

When Jesse finally finished the last can of beer in her hand, she fell on the couch and Zed noticed she made no noise.

He noticed her fall, but he didn't stop instead he continued drinking.

The more he drank, the sadder he felt in his heart.

'Jean Wen......'

This name lingered on Zed's mind which made him want to weep like a baby.

'Why would you betray me even though you know how much I love you.'

Hands on his head, Zed murmured to himself in agony.

Unaware of how long he's been drinking, he put down the beer in his hand and stumbled to Jesse and carried her to her room.

The task of carrying her made him light-headed and Zed lost all his energy. He realized he couldn't make it back to his room with the little strength left in him.

So he grabbed a pillow and closed his eyes lying next to Jesse.

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