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   Chapter 255 You Are Crazy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9806

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"We didn't quarrel. Actually, it is far more serious than a quarrel. Please stop asking." Jean raised her head. Her face was red and puffy due to all the crying. Her voice came out as croaky when she spoke.

"How can it be so serious?" Jesse rolled her eyes thinking Jean must have exaggerated the fight. She racked her brain and tried to figure out a reason for Zed's sudden anger.

"Did you go on a date with another man behind Zed's back?" Jesse's thoughts stopped at this idea because that seemed to be plausible.

Jean slowly stopped crying when she heard Jesse's accusation. She stared at Jesse and asked, "What do you know?"

"I don't know anything. That's why I am guessing." Jesse sighed and raised her hand as if surrendering herself.

"Guess? Really? Is that all?" Jean questioned. She didn't believe that Jesse had no idea about their problems. Slowly, she stood and wiped her face casually with the back of her hand. Frowning, she looked at Jesse and said, "Not long ago, when we were in the resort, I happened to hear that you said something to Eva. Jesse, if I ever come to know this was all your plan then you are dead."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Jesse retorted looking puzzled. Her eyes widened and looked like they would fall out of the socket any second. She thought hard and something seemed to hit her. She was rather surprised looking at Jean and put forward a question. "Did Zed really see the video shot by Eva? That's too terrible. Then it is understandable why Zed is so angry. As far as I am concerned, you have been leading such a happy life that you even forgot your role as Zed's wife. It is alright for you to get on with others. But you were rather silly to drink with another man. Well, you asked for it! Now that Zed is infuriated by you, it is not an easy task for you to win his forgiveness. Wait and see if he will ever forgive you!"

As Jesse continued to speak, she even gloated. Her tone was quite sarcastic and Jean detected it easily.

"You still won't admit that you planned all this? I was confused about Eva's attitude when I met her in the morning. I was wondering why she seemed to have something to tell me but left without saying anything. Now I seem to know the reason. Did you go to talk with her in secret? You worked together to scheme and plot. Then Eva smartly gave me this useless video, am I right?" Jean grabbed Jesse's arm wanting to get an answer out of her.

"Jean, you're slinging mud at me -- that's sheer nonsense!" These accusations brought Jesse's rage, so she yelled back. "You can eat whatever you like, but you don't have the right to smite me with the tongue. Have you thought about the consequence resulting from your words? I can sue you for defamation."

"Go and sue me! My life is already a mess so there is nothing I am afraid of." Jean's eyes were red with great anger. She said indifferently and her tone showed that she cared for


Jesse stared at Zed as if to read his mind. On finding that the anger on his face was not as strong as before, she felt relieved.

"Zed, don't be angry." She walked into the room and tried to comfort him. "No one would expect such a matter to happen. It can only be said that a person with special purposes saw it and shot the video..." His anger might have been completely gone, but Jesse realized mentioning Jean may bring it back.

"Are you saying that it was that person's mistake? You think it is better for me to stay in darkness?" Zed asked with a cold face.

"I certainly don't mean that." Jesse hurried to explain herself, "After all, it hasn't been long since you married her. So I can understand that you don't have a deep understanding of Jean. Actually, it is not too late for you to know the truth now. Jean is still young and you still have time to teach her how to be a good wife. I firmly believe she regrets what happened and won't repeat the mistake in the future..."

"Jesse, whose side are you on? What good does Jean do to you? Why do you speak up for her? What do you mean by saying that I can teach her how to be a good wife? And how can you confidently say she won't repeat the same mistake?" Zed's calm composure turned into a rage on hearing Jesse's sympathy for Jean. He stared at her with bulging red eyes. "She is my wife but not a three-year-old girl. Why should I bother myself to teach her common sense and etiquette? More importantly, she is shameless and cares nothing about me or my reputation."

When he finished the last sentence, his chest rose and fell heavily with anger. He looked rather terrible with fury. Jesse noticed he wasn't done and was about to erupt like a volcano.

Secretly, Jesse's eyes flashed across with pleasure. She was gloating internally.

In actuality, she supported Jean on purpose because she clearly knew Zed's personality and was positive he would never forgive Jean.

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