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   Chapter 254 I Was Framed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7328

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If Maranda said the video has gone viral then Zed of course knew about it too.

'That is why he is looking at me differently now.' The mystery had been solved, and Jean finally understood the real meaning behind his cold look.

'I only have myself to blame for being so stupid. I am a fool to think the problem was related to his company. It never occurred to me that it could be something related to me.'

Jean padded her head with her palms frustrated and quickened her pace to the study.

From outside the study, she noticed the light coming out from the seam under the door.

Jean raised her hand to the door and pushed it open slowly.

The second the door was opened, Jean caught the sight of Zed sitting on the leather swirling chair with eyes fixated on the computer.

As she expected, he was watching the video.

Jean gave a wry smile and walked towards him.

What was more astonishing to her was Zed pretended like he couldn't feel her presence. His eyes under the furrowed brows stared at the screen without leaving it even for a second.

"Zed, I can explain…" Jean stammered trying to get his attention.

"Explain? How?" Zed sneered without turning to look at her, "I don't have problem with you going to Maranda's date. And I always let you live a life of comfort. I tell myself that I should trust you. I tell myself that you love me and would never do anything stupid. I have to believe you unconditionally because you are my wife. However, what does this video mean? You tell me."

After saying that, he turned the screen to Jean so that she could see in her own eyes the video.

Under the dim light, Jean noticed herself in an exaggerated thick makeup, with her arm around Maranda's shoulder, binging on wine together with Maranda.

Her conversation with Ron was shown vividly and had been edited purposely to make it sound flirty.

The scene could be interpreted as sexy or disgusting depending on the person who watched it.

Watching this, Jean felt urged to throw up.

To make things worse for her, the other three faces were obscured with mosaic, while her own brazen face was clearly kept in the spotlight.

"Zed, this video has been tampere

he opened his mouth again, there wasn't any warmth in his voice. "Jean, considering the negative impact your action brought to the Qi family, I will live in the office for the time being, until we can sort things out. I hope you can reflect on yourself during this break."

After he said those words, he picked up his coat and walked out without a moment of hesitation.

Jean turned her eyes wide open and looked at his back, unbelieving what she had heard. She cried out, "Zed…" but he pretended like he couldn't hear her.

She continued, "Do you really have the heart to dump me like that?

Will you abandon me at this critical moment?"

Staring at his back, Zed's feet stopped for a short moment but he soon picked up his pace and sprinted across the hall.

And thus Jean watched him leave. She felt her life being shattered into pieces.

It was a huge blow to her and she took several steps backward, and then collapsed onto the carpet.

'How could this happen?

How can a sunny sky suddenly turn into a stormy night?

Just because of a stupid fake video!'

Jean covered her face with her hands and sobbed quietly.

"What's wrong? Where did Zed stomp out to? Did you fight…"

Jesse rushed into the study to find Jean weeping there. She shut her mouth with surprise immediately.

"What happened? Did you guys fight?" Jesse feigned sadness while she said this.

Hearing Jesse's words, Jean felt like salt being added to her wound.

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