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   Chapter 253 You Torturous Succubus

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7150

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"You are home?"

The moment awoke Jean and she looked at Zed with dazed eyes.

Zed paused for a moment and started to walk towards Jean. He leaned forward and fixed his eyes on Jean's drowsy yet charming face. "Did I wake you up? I was afraid that you might get cold, so I wanted to get you to the bed."

"Zelda said that you went to the market to buy groceries, so I waited for you while reading a book. But I fell asleep." Jean blushed and said with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting so late, but you didn't have to." His eyes filled with tenderness for the wife who was so caring. "Jesse wanted to go the market all of a sudden. I was concerned about her going alone, so I went with her. Are you mad?"

Zed's voice got softer and softer as he suspected Jean would get angry.

"Why would I be mad? Just because you went to the market with Jesse?" Jean giggled and looked at him, "Zed, you look at her as a sister, right? If that's the case, why should I be mad?"

"I was worried you might get upset. You hated Jesse before, didn't you?" Zed replied sounding relieved. He let out the breath he was holding in for so long. 'I am safe, ' he thought and sighed.

"It was before. Now everything has changed. You are my husband and you love me. Nobody can steal you away from me." Getting up from the sofa, she wrapped her hands around Zed's neck.

Feeling her love, he was instantly turned on. He gazed at her with scorching eyes and said in a low voice, "Had it not been the dinner time, I would want it now, you tortuous succubus."

Jean didn't expect herself to be so wild. Hearing Zed's words, she blushed and sank further into Zed's chest.

"What? Are you shy?" Zed held her face in his palms and looked at her blushing cheeks. He couldn't help but lower his head and press his lips on Jean's soft ones.

Jean blushed even more. They stood in the dark room kissing each other passionately.

The kiss and moment of passion was interrupted when the phone started to ring.

Zed, unwillingly, moved away his lips from Jean's and put his hand into his jean pocket for the phone.

Jean's face was bla

Jean's face. She took out her phone to check and was relieved to see it was Maranda.

Quickly she pressed the answer button and spoke, "Hello..."

"Jean, something awful just happened. The video at the club that night was edited and posted online by someone. Almost everyone is forwarding it and it is receiving a lot of hate comments. Jean, I'm sorry that I screwed up..."

Before Jean could speak, Maranda cried out with guilt.

"What did you say?" Jean was dumbfounded and couldn't believe her own ears.

'Did Maranda make a mistake about it?

The video that night was deleted by Eva in front of my own eyes. How can it go viral now?' Jean tried to console herself saying Maranda was joking with her.

"I am so sorry, Jean. If I didn't ask you to accompany me to my blind date, this wouldn't have happened..." Maranda still cried over the phone making her words hard to understand.

Now, Jean realized that it was true. She staggered backwards and nearly dropped the phone, consumed with fear.

She thought, 'Eva lied to me!

There must be a backup video, so Eva just deleted the other one just to fool me.

How can I be so naive and pathetic!'

She laughed at her own miserable self.

'Now, everything is ruined, especially your reputation.


Thinking of Zed, Jean suddenly came back to her senses and walked out of the room. She followed the direction of his study, panicking inside.

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