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   Chapter 252 Zed And Jesse Hung Out Together

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Following Jean's weird facial expressions, Calvin tried to see what Jean was looking at.

He saw nothing but a young man awkwardly walking towards them with a very concerned expression on his face. His head was heavily wrapped by layers of gauze.

"Moore, why did you come out?" Jean was taken aback and went up to him hastily.

"I heard from a nurse that your father received an operation for serious illness. I was worried that it would sadden you, so I have come to see you. As I got to his ward, they told me that you had just left. But I saw weird expressions on your stepmother's and siblings' faces. Something felt wrong, so I came out to confirm if you are still here."

While speaking these words out, Moore walked over to her and analyzed her from head to toe like he was trying to make out something. He didn't relax until he was sure that she was alright.

Calvin squinted a little, looking at the two of them interacting with each other and feeling left-out.

"I'm ok." Jean caught Moore's hand and smiled, "I'm fine. Thanks a lot for your concern. Go back to your ward now!"

"Hmm." Moore nodded at Jean. Now that he was relieved, he took notice of Calvin and a flash of surprise showed on his face.

Seeing this, Jean realized that she had forgotten to introduce them to each other. She patted herself on her head and explained smilingly, "Let me introduce you to each other. Moore, this is Calvin. He helped me a lot today inside the hospital. Calvin, this is Moore. I accidentally ran over him several days ago. So far, he is still in hospital for recovery."

Jean made a brief introduction of them.

Both Calvin and Moore were shocked at Jean's introduction. Afterward, the two of them shook hands with each other but the strange look persisted.

"Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too."

Jean broke into a chuckle at the sight of their weird facial expression. 'Relax, guys, ' she said while she continued to chuckle.

They couldn't have known each other. But now, they happened to meet each other because of Jean.

She was not sure if this was good for her or not.

'Anyway, everything would be okay as long as the one that met them here was not Zed, ' she sighed.

"Moore! Go back to your ward, please. Now you are still very feeble, so you can't move around as you wish. Let me send you back." As soon as she finished speaking, Jean moved closer to Moore and was about to force him into the ward.

"I am not so weak. Besides, it is good for health to be moving around from time to time. Are you leaving? Then you two must leave first. I know my way back and can do it on my own." Moore stopped Jean before she could hold his arm around her.

"Okay! Just be careful." At Moore's insistence, Jean felt

n again and again as long as Jesse stayed with them in the Qi family. She either had to accept it or leave Zed which she couldn't do.

Moreover, It would be bad for her health if she lost her temper every time when something small happened.

Leaving the worry aside, she hoped to get some sleep.

Zed had told her she needn't worry too much, so believing him sounded like the right thing to do.

Unconsciously, it had become darker and darker.

With bags of fresh vegetables and meat in his hand, Zed walked into the villa with Jesse.

"Mr. Zed and Miss Tang, you have come back." At the sight of them, Zelda immediately went out towards them and took the bags from Zed.

While changing his shoes at the doorway, Zed asked, "Is Jean back home?"

"Yes, she has come back for some time. Now, she is in the bedroom." Zelda had intended to tell Zed that Jean seemed to be in a sour mood. But at last, she decided it was none of her business.

After all, it was just Zelda's guess-work and if she spoke out loud, then it might create a commotion.

Zed nodded and said to Jesse, "I am going upstairs to see what Jean is doing."

Jesse's face turned grumpy at the mention of Jean's name. Then, she furiously stared at Zed going upstairs. At last, she disappointedly leaned on the sofa of the living room and idly pressed the remote control venting her anger on it.

As Zed pushed the bedroom door open, what came to his sight was Jean lying on the sling chair at the balcony.

He couldn't know if she was awake or asleep, as her face was covered by a book.

Zed hobbled towards the sling chair and gently took the book off her face.

Suddenly, Jean's sleepy face came into his sight. He spent a couple of seconds admiring her beautiful face.

And then Zed tenderly scooped her up and carried her towards their bed.

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