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   Chapter 251 Now You Are Crying. For Whom

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9688

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At the thought of it, Jean's heart was full of hatred. Her heart felt heavy as she noticed how Henry looked much older than what she remembered. Seeing him lie there lifeless with closed eyes

Overwhelmed Jean with a mix of complex emotions. Her slender hands were shaking and her throat felt dry. Jean finally couldn't help running towards the bed. "Dad..." And she broke into sobs. The hand that should have protected her was stone-cold as if belonging to a corpse. Taking deep breaths to calm her shaking body, she sputtered out the word again, "Dad..."

That passive face with not a single hint of life had made it clear. It was impossible for Henry to recover as before.

Joy's words rang true in her ears. "Henry would be just a vegetable. Forget any possibility. This is how he will be only for the rest of his life... on the hospital bed. It will be a miracle if he ever wakes up."

"Jean, don't give into grief. Stay strong. Hold yourself together." Carefully resting his hands on her frail shoulders, Calvin comforted Jean whose face by now was flushed with sorrow.

Any words of comfort stabbed at Jean's heart. She just stood there and shook her head. She couldn't believe all that she saw. And again tears came streaming down her face.

It was a strange feeling. The man lying in front of her had never loved or cared for her as she'd expect a father to. But still remorse gripped her as she knew that as his daughter, she should have come to see him when he was ill.

But she had proved herself to be cold-hearted. Despite her frequent visits to the hospital, she had never cared to ask about him, let alone walking into his ward.

Forgetting the intense loathing she had for Henry, Jean thought, 'But he is your father, Jean!

What kind of daughter are you? Unfeeling and so heartless.

What's the difference between you and Joy or Shirley? You are just as mean as either of them.'

Her round hazel eyes welled up with tears as she gazed at an impassive Henry in silence.

They only had ten minutes to be in the ICU. Before she knew it, time was up, and Joy and Shirley came to fetch her. Looking at Jean weeping, Joy seethed with anger and taunted her, "What a shameless hypocrite you are! Stop putting on an act. All along, you never came to see your father since he got admitted in the hospital. Now you are crying. For whom?"

On hearing her barbs towards Jean, a frowning Calvin glared at Joy in cold anger.

Ignoring Calvin's eyes at the back of her head, Joy shrugged her shoulders and walked close to Henry to forcefully push Jean away.

The nurse waiting on Henry flinched at the violence. But she held herself calm since she didn't think it was her place to interfere in their family matter. After a few minutes, the nurse said, "It is time for the two of you to go out."

In a bid to protect her, Calvin walked over to Jean and held her by the sh

ou should pay attention to what happens around you and take good care of him."

Then, Jean nodded at Calvin and hinted to loosen his grip on Winner.

A glint of acknowledgement was there in Calvin's eyes as he nodded back, unclenched his fist and walked over to Jean.

"Sister, are you leaving?" Winner was shocked and asked her in a hurry.

"Hmm." Jean didn't want to say anything more to Winner. She just strode away, As she wanted to leave before either Joy or Shirley came out of the ward. Still, Jean's drooping face recalled what a terrible condition his father was in and all because of the people he called family.

"Well... When will you come to see Dad again?" Winner walked towards her and looked into Jean's still indifferent eyes.

She looked like a statue as she stood there without an emotion showing on her face. Jean paused for a while after hearing what Winner had said. She replied without facing him, "It will depend on my mood!"

In a beat, she turned right and left before Winner could say a word more.

Jean kept silent until she and Calvin walked out of the hospital. As they reached the grand archway of the entrance, she stopped to look at her faithful friend and said, "Thanks for giving me company."

"You are welcome." An affectionate smile hovered over his lips but his eyes fixed on her beautiful face as Calvin continued to say, "If you really want to show your gratitude to me, just treat me to a cup of coffee the next time we meet."

"Okay." Jean replied without hesitation, As she didn't think this would happen anytime in the near future.

"Well, that's a deal." The warm smile now twinkled in his raven black eyes.

"Hmm. It's a deal." Jean responded with a nod, "I am off, then. Bye!"

"Let me drop you back." Pat came Calvin's reply.

"No, I...I will..." Before she could say no to Calvin, she saw a dark figure approaching her from one of the hospital's corridors.

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