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   Chapter 250 I Only Need Ten Minutes

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10814

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With Winner in the lead, Jean together with Calvin reached at the intensive care unit where Jean's father, Henry was admitted.

Joy and Shirley had long been sitting there at the door of the ICU and were waiting for Winner to arrive. When they saw Jean coming with a strange man, anger and displeasure crept onto both of their faces. They stood up and stared at Jean warily. They were not expecting Jean to come here and that too with a strange man.

The expressions showed on their faces were just the same as the one on Winner's face when he had seen her coming to the hospital. They were really from the same family with such a great tacit understanding that even their impressions were similar.

A bitter smile appeared on Jean's face when she saw the reaction of that pair of mother and daughter. She walked to them slowly with her face all intent.

"Jean, why you are here?" Joy glared at Jean and asked in a quite chilly voice.

"You don't know why I am here?" Jean looked up straight into the eyes of Joy. There were no emotions in her eyes and face. She asked Joy back with a blank expression.

She was no longer easily enraged like she used to before. Now she had changed into a mature person.

Besides, neither Joy nor Shirley was worth it.

Jean knew clearly that anger would only do harm to her health which fitted exactly with their wishes. So she wouldn't get angry. She didn't want them to had the pleasure by fulfilling their wishes.

"Who knows what your purpose is..." Joy, who was standing by the side, grunted while saying it. She seemed to be on the alert on Jean's arrival.

"Mom, sister had just told me that she would not fight for the Wen family's inheritance." Winner told Joy, on hearing his mother's remarks towards Jean.

"Are you silly? How could you believe her words so easily? Don't you know who she is? Things are never what she says. And even if she wants to fight for the property of the Wen family, it will not go to her since she doesn't have that kind of luck." Joy said in a sarcastic tone with disdain towards Jean. And Joy thought that only by saying and doing so she would look better.

Jean smiled bitterly and said, "You are right. I don't have that luck to win the property of the Wen family. But Henry is still lying in bed, alive. Do you think it is proper to talk about the property now? And what if he gets to know all this..."

Jean thought to herself, 'How sinister their hearts are! How ominously they are behaving!

If Henry wakes up to know that his beloved wife, daughter and son are so eager to gain his property when he is still not even dead and they are planning their future with that money, how will he feel? I really cannot imagine.'

"What if he gets to know? The doctor said that even if he wakes up, he will just be in a vegetative state. He won't be able to work like before. Henry will only spend the rest of his life lying in bed. Well. Jean, if you really feel sorry for him, take him home and treat him well. After all, you are his daughter..." Joy's eyes rolled quickly as if she were generating an evil idea. She looked at Jean and said with an evil smirk on her face.

After hearing what Joy said, Jean's eyes widened in shock. She had n

mited within an hour. You are allowed to enter the ICU, two at a time. Keep in order. Most importantly, keep silent."

After finishing the announcement, the nurse closed the door of the ICU heavily.

Only an hour! Joy together with Shirley would go, so Winner complained on hearing the nurse's words, as he was left alone.

However, Jean and Calvin were both quite calm at that moment. They stood by the side waiting quietly for the nurse to lead them into the ICU.

"Do you want me to accompany you into the ICU?" When Calvin saw the nurse come out, he asked Jean out of concern.

Looking at him, Jean was a little hesitant. She really wanted to shake her head and refuse Calvin as he was still a stranger to her and she felt awkward taking him to see Henry.

But when she realized that she would be accompanied by Joy, Shirley or Winner, she changed her mind and considered Calvin to be the better option.

"Yes." It did not take long for Jean to make the decision. She nodded to show her approval.

"So let us enter the ICU first." Jean walked directly to Joy and said to her intently, "Give me ten minutes. The rest time will all be yours."

She didn't expect a reply from Joy and followed the nurse entering the sterile room to change clothes. Calvin walked behind her.

Meanwhile Joy stared at Jean with great astonishment. After about a minute, she came to her senses and was about to scream and scold Jean but she received a cold look from Calvin. Then all the words she wanted to yell were stuck in her throat. She was not able to utter a single word.

After putting on the sterile clothes, Jean and Calvin followed the nurse and entered the ICU. Jean saw Henry lying unconscious in a bed with a weak and pale look, her eyes turned red. And immediately tears started to fall down. She was not expecting this reaction from herself.

It was no doubt that she hated Henry.

Since Jean's mother died, she didn't received any warmth or care from anyone in the Wen family including Henry.

The man lying there was her father but he had never treated her as his daughter, let alone given her care and love expected from a father.

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