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   Chapter 249 I Won't Compete With You For The Belongings Of The Wen Family

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9998

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While Jean and Calvin were in silence, they heard some footsteps coming from the front of the place, which was followed by a voice of surprise, "Jean, why are you here?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Jean was startled, and at once terrifyingly she looked ahead, towards the person coming from the front.

With some bags of food in his hand, Winner frowned, and said while staring at her agonizingly, " You are here because you knew that dad is going to be on a death bed, and you want to compete for the Wen family's inheritance? But you must remember that I am the only inheritor of the Wen family, and none of you are qualified to compete with me for the family's property!"

"Winner, what nonsense are you talking about?" When Jean saw that Winner was talking nonsense regardless of the occasion, without understanding the severity, instantly she stopped him. "He... where is Henry now? Take me there quickly."

"Why do you want to go there?" Winner impatiently asked her, while staring at her with suspicious eyes.

"Ha! Why I want to go there?" Immediately Jean laughed but coldly she said, "Even though he never treated me as a daughter, I want to go and see him for the last time. And don't worry, I won't compete with you for the belongings of the Wen family."

"Really?" Winner fixedly stared at her and asked her with doubt.

On seeing Winner's reaction, suddenly her heart was filled with anger. If Calvin had not been here, she would have tapped Winner's head. How could he be so suspicious of her? How could be care only about the belongings of the Wen family at the moment?

"If I am saying no, then I won't. Believe it or not!" Jean said impatiently, as she was getting fed up with Winner's ridiculous query.

When Winner realized that Jean didn't seem to be lying, he was relieved. He walked up to Jean with a big smile on his face and said, "Sister Jean, since you are here to see our dad, do you have any money with you?"

Yesterday, when dad had a sudden onset, then as soon as possible he had to have an operation, so he was sent to the intensive care unit immediately. All the money we had at our home was brought here. So now, none of us have any money ..."

Winner said pitifully, and he was almost on the verge of crying, eyes filling with tears.

Jean noticed that Calvin was looking at them with great interest and he had heard everything that they had discussed recently, with that Jean's face grew hot red instantly in embarrassment. She reached out to Winner who was acting disgracefully in front of a stranger and tugged his clothes towards her, To remind him that there was an outsider present there. Winner had better be careful and don't be a subject matter of ridicule.

Winner blinked and saw Calvin looking at them gently with a faint wily smile.

"Sister Jean, he's..."

Winner's eyes were suddenly sparkling like a diamond and he looked at Calvin in order to check him out all over. As a result, his face was full of excitement.

d it will be problematic for you to face them. But if I am there, they will not dare to be too reckless with you." Calvin walked up to Jean closely and stared at her while whispering in her delicate ear with his sweet breath touching her cheeks.

When Jean heard this, she was stunned and looked at Calvin in surprise as she didn't realize that Calvin could really understand her situation.

Calvin nodded slightly to Jean, indicating that he had seen through her predicament. And he was there to help her through the circumstances that she was going to face.

Seeing this, Jean's face suddenly turned red and she cast her eyes down in shame.

'Even Calvin sees your dilemma, Jean, you are so stupid! You can't even hide your emotions.

You were worried about Calvin's intentions, but now the truth is clear.

He is just coming along to help you.'

Thinking of this, Jean nodded at last. "All right!" Now that Calvin had told Jean that he would go to visit Henry to help her, if she still insisted on refusing, it would seem that she was too narrow-minded.

Hearing Jean's words, Calvin gave her a deep meaningful look. His eyes flashed in the light, and he nodded with a warm and caring smile.

Winner was the happiest of the three and almost made a jump on hearing that Calvin was going to accompany them.

He pretended to be calm, but his actions exposed his ecstasy and enthusiasm.

"Mr. Li, this way please." Winner ran eagerly towards Calvin and moved to lead the way to the intensive care unit.

Jean saw the scene happening in front of her and shook her head helplessly. Because Winner was back to acting like a ravenous self.

She only hoped that Calvin would not get into unnecessary trouble, otherwise she would feel very guilty. As it was just to help her, he was here.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Aware of the uneasiness Jean was experiencing, Calvin blinked at Jean and softly reassured her.

Hearing him, Jean stayed silent and just nodded in consensus.

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