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   Chapter 248 What Mischief Is She Making Again

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8117

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"In actuality, I decided not to reunite with my parents. So I directly walked away when I met and recognized them, " said Moore with a smirk.

"Why did you make that decision at last? You tried so hard to search for them, so after finding them, why did you change your mind?" Jean asked surprised with Moore's explanation.

"I don't matter to them so the reunion would be meaningless. Before meeting them, I believed they had a good reason for abandoning me. At first, I thought about many potential reasons why I was deserted. Perhaps it was because of poverty, tough life or illness and so on. But after seeing them, I realized they were not poor or helpless."

Talking about this brought an agitated look on Moore's happy face.

Upon hearing that, Jean felt sympathy for him. She sat still and stared at him compassionately not knowing the right words to comfort.

"Let bygones be bygones, " said Jean in a gentle voice while she took his hands.

Jean had no idea that Moore suffered a lot in his life. She was ashamed of never asking him this before.

Hearing this made her realize how they both lived the same life of suffering.

For a moment, Jean imagined how he must have felt to be abandoned by his biological parents.

As if to break the gloom that befell them, he looked up at Jean and said with a forced smile, "Ahmm, very funny, right? It is so humiliating."

"Stop it, Moore, I am your friend and you have the right to be vulnerable in front of me. Think about me when you feel bad about your life, because my situation is even worse than yours. Before coming here, I answered a phone call from my younger half-sister. She told me that father... is dying. I am not sure if she is speaking the truth or playing one of her tricks." Thinking of this brought shivers down Jean's spine.

"I can tell you are upset with her. Let's hope she isn't speaking the truth. You seem very sad, so why don't you check it yourself. That way, you can set your mind at rest." Moore offered his suggestion with his eyebrows furrowed.

"No, it is unnecessary to do that. It is none of my business even if Shirley is speaking the truth." Jean turned down his suggestion while shaking her head.

"But you..." Before he could say more, Jean interrupted him.

"I come here for you, and you ask me to visit someone else. Moore, is it because you don't want me here? If so, just tell me, " said Jean while she f

lurred because of the tears.

'The obese Henry, a cunning and wicked man, is always fine. How could he have collapsed so easily?

The doctor said he was getting better.

How did the situation become so fatal?'

Jean sat down lifelessly for about an hour, and then she mustered her strength and stood up. She felt hard to stand up and her body had turned sore from sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long.

While she struggled, a hand grabbed her from behind. Without looking up at the person, Jean stood up.

Once she was on her own, she turned to thank the stranger.

Before Jean could express her gratitude, she was stunned as she recognized the person. "Why are you here?"

"What a coincidence! I nearly mistook you for someone else." Calvin stared at her with great concern. "You don't look too well. Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Jean immediately smiled and tried to look fine. She rubbed her own cheeks to remove any residue of tears and gazed at him in confusion.

When she met him last time in the club, she had worn a lot of makeup as she wanted to keep Maranda company. Hence, she was shocked to see he recognized her.

'Maybe he didn't recognize me, and is probably helping a stranger, ' she told herself.

While Jean internally guessed whether he had recognized her or not, Calvin broke into a laughter. "Don't be cranky. I know that you are Jean Wen."

"How did you recognize me?" Jean asked shocked.

"Can you guess?" Without directly answering her question, Calvin replied obscurely.

With her eyebrows knitted, Jean started thinking, 'How can I guess that?'

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