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   Chapter 247 No One Born To Be Ruthless

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7830

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Shirley spoke in a wailed tone on the phone.

Hearing this, Jean felt a buzz within her ears and her expression changed all of a sudden.

"What's up?" Zed touched Jean on the shoulder wanting to know what happened.

Meanwhile, Shirley cried even louder making Jean jump a little, "Jean…… Jean, my elder sister……"

It was all too much for Jean, she quickly pressed the shutdown button on her cell phone and dropped in on the seat.

Her silence scared Zed who didn't know how to react to this. He stretched out his hands and pulled her closer, "Jean, who was that? Why are you acting so strange……" he whispered in her ears.

"Nothing serious……" Jean replied looking grave. She realized Zed would need more explanation, so she explained, "Just an insignificant call."

Trying to act cool made her calm a bit, and she felt her shock subside.

Zed was no fool and knew Jean was hiding something but decided it was best to leave the matter for now.

'I'm sure Jean will come to me with her problems if there is something serious.

Maybe the matter is not a big deal hence she doesn't want to bother me.

It's okay! I'll respect her decisions!' he consoled himself.

The car moved ahead steadily. With her chin rested on one hand, Jean gazed blankly outside the window lost in thoughts.

'Why can't they just leave me alone? That's all I am asking for. Thank god I got permission from Zed to visit the hospital alone. I can't imagine what will happen if he joins me.

What did Shirley mean when she said that father was dying?

Shirley Wen, are you trying to torture me all over again? How could you?

I'm not gonna listen to you anymore.

Even if it is true, you are his daughter and it's your duty to figure a way out. I have to admit that you've always been smarter than me. You always have more ideas than me when solving problems.

That's why I'm so relieved to have you take care of Henry.'

These thoughts were meant to comfort her but Jean still felt a little uneasy.

'Father is dying...…'

These words repeated themselves in Shirley's voice and Jean trembled once again. She has never before heard Shirley so scared, and it unnerved her.

'Is Shirley really scared, Or is it just another scheme to fool me?

Did she do so to make me believe her so that she can get what she wants when I arrive?


at the cold look on Jean's face, Moore figured he had to change the topic right away. He knew things weren't cool between Jean and that lady.

Feeling his gaze, Jean turned and handed the apple to him with a smile. "Do you think I am a ruthless person, because I don't have any reaction hearing something like that?" she asked smiling.

"No, I think you have your own reason. I believe you, " replied Moore while he reached out to take the apple from Jean. He held it and smiled back at Jean. "I've seen what that woman did to you before. I totally get your reaction and it is reasonable."

"No, what you've seen is only the tip of the iceberg. I have to turn a deaf ear to her and the people surrounding her because that is the only way I can live a peaceful life. I know them too well to know nothing good can come from being near them. I was a fool back then but I won't let them get to me now, " she said this with resolution.

Moore nodded while taking a bite off the apple. "You are right. People are forced to be ruthless, no one is born like that."

"Well, it sounds that you have some story to tell too, " said Jean sounding interested. These words from Moore filled her with sadness because there was a real pain in his eyes.

"Well, I didn't hide it from you that I am an orphan. And to tell the truth, I went to find my biological parents when I grew up, and found them in the end....."

Said Moore with a wry smile.

"What happened then? Did they let you down?" Seeing the facial expressions on Moore's face, Jean was forced to ask.

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