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   Chapter 245 You Are Insulting Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9635

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"You care about me? How dare you say that you care about me after doubting the relationship between Jesse and I? Are you testing me? Jean, tell me, where do you put me in your heart and how do you think of me in your heart? Can't you feel my love for you? How many times do I have to tell you that I love you before you believe me? Is your heart cold? I have also told you repeatedly that I consider Jesse to be my sister. I can understand that you want to test me. But you could have used any other woman except Jesse. Why did it have to be her? And why can't you understand? Jean, you are insulting me by doing so."

Zed's eyes were burning with anger as he screamed at Jean.

What a silly woman to ruin their romantic holiday! Zed was no longer in the mood to stay with Jean.

"Sorry, it is all my fault." Upon seeing how angry Zed was, Jean was startled. She instantly regretted her actions. Her expression conveyed the guilt and grief she felt. She turned to Zed and apologized, "I shouldn't have doubted you. What's more, I shouldn't have tested your love for me. Zed, I promise you that I will never do this again. Please don't be angry with me. I am begging for your forgiveness."

As the last few word came out of Jean's mouth, her voice began to tremble.

Jean felt quite worried about what she had done. What had spurred her to question Zed about the relationship between him and Jesse? She had known that this was a rather sensitive topic and she should never have brought it up.

Zed glared at Jean expressionlessly. But deep in his heart, he sighed. Jean's doubting and testing had really enraged him.

He was not only annoyed at Jean's mistrust, but also at Jean's doubts regarding his relationship with Jesse. He considered his sibling-like relationship with Jesse as pure. But by putting forward allegations that Jesse felt otherwise meant Jean was thinking of their relationship to be a dirty one.

However, Zed could not blame Jean for her actions. He was aware that although Jean had not asked any questions the night before, what she had seen might have scarred her.

So he thought, 'After all, it was my behavior that made her mistrust me.

In this sense, I shouldn't blame her.'

When he heard Jean's trembling voice, even though Zed was enraged, the anger he felt immediately dissipated.

He stopped packing and looked at Jean. As he studied her expression, Zed realized that she was genuinely remorseful. He sighed and said, "Jean, you know that I got angry only because you didn't trust me."

"I know. That's why I promise you that I will never do it again." Jean was hopeful when she saw that Zed was finally willing to talk to her. She didn't want to prolong the fight and so, she hurried to explain herself.

"Think from my perspective, Jean. If I hadn't trusted you before, I would have questioned you time and again on the rumors t

, "I will never let you leave me. That day will never come. We will stay together till we die."

"Um!" Jean's tears streamed down her cheeks when she heard what Zed said. She nodded as she tried to hold back her emotions but her heart felt as though it were about to burst. The love Zed had for her was so strong. She had never thought she would be loved like this. Her attractive face was covered with tears when she finally looked into Zed's eyes with great tenderness before saying, "I knew that I couldn't be alone with you since Jesse came along. So I asked Eva to come as she truly feels for you. I knew she would do as I asked. Except this, I didn't have any other intentions."

"You were making such a big plan then." Zed snorted expressionlessly. But the look on his face seemed to have changed from worry to curiosity.

"Well, I admit that I did have another plan. I wanted to take advantage of that chance to make Eva realize that it was pointless to be in love with you." Jean felt shame when telling Zed the truth. She pursed her lips as she tried to control how fast her heart was beating. Jean was a little nervous, and she was afraid that Zed would not be satisfied with such an answer.

"What methods were you going to use to make Eva give up loving me?" Zed frowned and asked incredulously. The bewilderment he felt showed clearly on his face.

"I only wanted to show her how much we love each other. That would convince her that she had no chance with you." Jean's face turned crimson. She didn't want to share all the embarrassing things she had done, and yet she had no choice, "To make a woman give up her love for someone, the best way is to give her the most powerful strike. I know that Eva loves you deeply, and it is rather hard for her to give up the love she has for you. So the method I was going to use must be to the point."

"Show our love? That seems to be a quite great idea."

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