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   Chapter 244 She Is Only My Sister

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7813

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Jesse didn't have any other friends?

Hearing Zed's explanation, Jean was surprised. Her mouth hung open in shock.

After she thought about it for a while, Jean concluded that people born in rich and powerful families must find it hard to make like-minded friends. After all, most people from rich and powerful families saw the world differently. They could be quite paranoid, and they got defensive a lot. If someone approached and flattered them, they would surely wonder if the person had ulterior motives.

Though Jean also came from a rich and powerful family, she was different from Zed and Jesse.

Since her childhood, Jean had not been treated as Henry's daughter. Naturally, her humble status was not desirable, and no one wanted to be friends with her.

Even Michelle, her only friend, stopped speaking with Jean just because she couldn't introduce Michelle to a rich man.

Thinking of this, Jean couldn't help sighing. The sun was warm, but she couldn't feel it's warmth.

"No wonder she comes to find you every time she gets in trouble. It seems that she not only takes you as her brother, but in fact, you are like her protector and savior." Jean spoke candidly.

"Protector and savior?" Zed repeated Jean's words in disbelief. He frowned as he gazed at his wife. "Don't talk nonsense! My relationship with Jesse is that of brother and sister. Nothing more. Jean, please don't distort the relationship between Jesse and me with such accusations. It's an insult to us!"

"Zed, can't you see why Jesse, who is so beautiful, doesn't have a boyfriend yet?" Jean knew that by mentioning Jesse's true feelings Zed would be upset. But she had no other choice. It was best for all involved if this matter were cleared.

"How can I know? Anyway, Jesse has had boyfriends before, but she broke up with them soon after. Every time she broke up with someone, she gave a different reason. Maybe she's single because she's too picky!" Zed thought over all the relationships Jesse had been in. Then he frowned as he shared some details with Jean.

"Well, could it be that she has you to rely on? After all, you are so honest, handsome, and charming, how could anyone measure up to you? It's no wonder that she's never been able to find anyone that matches up." Jean looked at Zed as she spoke. She hoped that he'd be able to

me angry from embarrassment, was more appropriate when explaining Zed's actions, ' she thought.

'Become angry from embarrassment?'

Jean repeated that thought in her mind. She became even more upset. Looking at Zed as he walked away, she felt as though she had done a foolish thing.

Because of all that had happened, she and Zed could no longer enjoy this private space of lovers as they had wished to this afternoon.

'Jesse, you are a disaster!

Even when you are not here, Zed is angry with me because we spoke about you.

No, I can't let things go on like this!

I can't let my relationship with Zed deteriorate during this challenging time.'

Thinking of this, Jean ran toward Zed.

She ran all the way to the resort. Not stopping, she ran all the way to their room.

Just as she opened the door, she saw Zed packing his luggage with a sulky look.

"Zed, you are angry with me, so you want to leave here without telling me?" Jean entered the room and asked uneasily.

Zed continued to pack without even glancing at her.

"Honey, please don't be angry with me. You know women are petty sometimes. If I doubt your relationship when I see you and Jesse being too intimate, it's because I care too much about you!" Jean walked to Zed and tried to pacify him. When he didn't look at her, Jean gently tugged at his sleeve.

To be honest, she was angry with herself. She had been mad with jealousy, almost like a lunatic. Because she cared so deeply about Zed, she had lost herself. He was her whole world and he was her salvation.

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