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   Chapter 243 I Might Have An Ulterior Purpose

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8927

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To stop Jesse, Jean shouted hastily from behind her.

However, Jesse was so angry at Zed that she didn't stop to listen to anyone, not even Jean.

When Jesse heard Jean calling to her, she didn't stop. On the contrary, she quickened her pace.

When Jean turned to Zed for help, she saw that he was sulking. She knew then, that it would be impossible to convince him to help her.

She had no choice but to catch up with Jesse by herself.

On some level, Jean felt guilty. After all, she was the one who suggested that Jesse find a boyfriend. What was more, to prevent Jesse from becoming more spoiled, Zed started to persuade Jesse as well. Neither Jean nor Zed had accounted for Jesse's true feelings.

Jesse had always turned to Zed when her family pushed her to consider marriage. But now, he was doing the same. Perhaps she saw that as some sort of betrayal, which was why she walked off in a huff.

Disappointment and sadness were palpable in Jesse's expression and tone. She realized that she did not have Zed's support any more.

Although Jean wanted some personal time with Zed, she knew that she could not leave Jesse alone at this challenging time.

She felt it was her responsibility to ensure that Zed and Jesse remained on friendly terms otherwise, later, when Zed cooled down, he would regret not being there for Jesse when she needed his support.

'How can I live with the knowledge that my husband feels guilty for another woman?'

No, this was something that Jean would not allow.

At that thought, Jean chased after Jesse. Since Jesse had a head start, Jean had to run for a while to catch up with her.

Jean gasped as she caught hold of Jesse's arm, "Jesse, please stop! If you leave like this, Zed will be consumed by guilt."

"Will he? No way. He can't wait to find a boyfriend to watch over me now." Jesse replied in anger.

"He's just trying to help. You know that he really wants you to be happy……" Jean's labored breath made it difficult to speak. She took a few deep breaths before she explained to Jesse.

"Then how about you? Don't tell me that you put forward the suggestion because you care about me. You brought this up deliberately in front of Zed. What do you really want?" Jesse asked as she glared at Jean scornfully.

"I……" Jean looked at Jesse sheepishly, "Actually, I did have an ulterior purpose."

"An ulterior purpose? What is that? Just say it." asked Jesse. She couldn't wait for Jean's answer.

"Every time we hang out together, I notice that you seem lonely. Zed and I are married, and we have each other for company. But you have no one. When you see us together, you seem sad. Zed cares about y

concerns you.

Zed, how could you not know of Jesse's feelings for you?' Jean was lost in her thoughts.

"What's wrong with you, Jean? Why do you look so tired?" asked a concerned Zed. He frowned as he examined Jean's expression. He couldn't quite explain it, but he felt as though she was behaving oddly.

"Nothing, I'm just feeling a little tired from running after Jesse. Let's talk later. Why don't you go fishing while I rest on the deckchair over there?" Jean walked away before Zed could reply.

"Jean……" Not wanting to end the conversation like this, Zed grabbed Jean's hand. There was still something he wanted to say to her.

Jean looked back at him expectantly.

"Thank you." Zed shifted his feet as he tried to figure out how best to convey what he was feeling to Jean. After a while, he mumbled those two simple words.

Looking at his embarrassed but relieved expression, Jean tried hard to suppress her emotions. Her heart felt as though it would burst. It was a while before she smiled and asked, "What are you thanking me for?"

"Thank you for going after Jesse. I was really worried about her." After a deep sigh, Zed continued in an anxious tone, "She is at odds with her family since she ran away from home. And she has nowhere to go except our house."

"Doesn't she have any siblings or friends?" Jean was surprised at Zed's revelation. She couldn't help but ask.

"She is the only child in her family. As everyone has indulged Jesse since her birth, she has become very strong willed. As for her friends, well, as far as I can recall, she doesn't have any." replied Zed with a frown. He thought over all the conversations he'd had with Jesse and couldn't recall the name of any of her friends. It seemed as though she hadn't mentioned any.

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