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   Chapter 241 The Absolutely Unconditional Love

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6928

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Seeing Jesse's doubt, Eva continued, "Did you not see? Zed gives a cold look every time I am near him. He is always angry when I talk to his wife. Under this circumstance, it is hard for me to talk to Jean. You can check my phone to see if I am cheating you or not. I really hate it when you look at me like I am some sort of liar."

Eva threw her hands up in the air to show she gave up.

Jesse continued to inspect Eva in order to see if she was lying. After a few minutes, Jesse looked relieved like she trusted Eva.

"I really hope you are speaking the truth. Otherwise, I will not spare you." Saying this, Jesse left from the spot leaving Eva behind.

Eva waited for Jesse to leave before she propped herself against the wall tired of her charade.

'That was a close call, ' she sighed.

If she had not sent the video to Jean and deleted it then, she could have gotten into real trouble.

Lucky for Eva, Jesse left without getting any proof.

Eva hurried to turn on the mobile phone and started deleting videos related to Jean. 'Who knows, Jess might check my phone again, ' she thought.

Oblivious to this, Jean walked along the river and enjoyed the scenery by the riverbank. Crystal clear river and green grass put her into peace. She watched flowers swaying due to the wind.

Feeling elated, she helped Zed prop up a parasol, took out a chair and prepared the fruits and drinks on the portable table.

Once she was finished, she put on her sunglasses and rested comfortably on the chair. Zed took out the fishing pole and cast the fishing line into the water.

Looking at Zed's sexy back and his sculptural face, Jean felt she was the luckiest girl alive. 'How did I make this guy fall in love, ' she thought. Happy tears started accumulating in her eyes.

"Jean..." Zed waved on noticing her stare.

"What's wrong?" she asked but realized he couldn't hear here. Jean got up from the chair and walked closer. She then repeated, "What's wrong?"

"Take a look at the pole for me. Tell me when it moves." Zed clapped on Jean's shoulder whil

d emotions. She felt uncomfortable by Jean's casual tone. 'Why isn't she angry, ' Jesse thought.

Without giving Jesse a chance to speak, Jean continued, "But Jesse. Zed is married and you are still single. You created a scene last night. I don't mind because I love Zed, but what about other people?" she questioned. "Aren't you afraid that those who love you secretly will misunderstand you?" Jean sighed deliberately, looking at Jesse with sorrowful eyes.

"I..." Jesse forced herself to smile and answered, "Those who love me secretly? What are you talking about?" Jesse asked looking completely puzzled.

"You know what I am talking about Jesse! You clearly don't want anyone else because you think they can't compete with Zed" Jean stared at her with sharp eyes.

She was not a woman to be trifled with and wanted to make this perfectly clear to Jesse who was taking her for granted.

'Jesse, you can pretend to ignore it all you want, but I will let this secret out in front of Zed.'

Jesse suddenly paled and replied with quivering lips, "What do you mean by that?"

"What do I mean by that? You know it Jesse, give a rest to your acting. Don't you admit that Zed is the best guy you know?"

Jean answered with a poker face that unnerved Jesse.

"I admit that Zed is a wonderful man. But I have no affair with Zed." Jesse bit her lips and denied the truth.

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