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   Chapter 240 How Could She

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6646

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Jean wasn't aware of Eva's presence until she heard her voice. When she turned around, she caught Eva waving her hands happily.

Seeing this, Jean's cheek lit up and she felt the need to meet her immediately.

She looked back to Zed and hurriedly added, 'Zed, wait for a moment, I will be back soon."

Saying this, she sprinted across to the place where Eva stood.

Zed on noticing Eva, frowned unhappily.

He wished to stop Jean, but hated to anger his lovely wife. So he just stood there gloomily and threw eye daggers at Eva.

Having sensed the glare of Zed, Eva felt nervousness form inside her. She trembled under his scrutiny almost dropping the phone on her hand.

"Eva, is that video still there?" Jean walked up to Eva and asked without wasting any time.

"Yes, I called my friend, and he hasn't deleted it. I'll send it to you right now, " said Eva, as she looked into her phone and sent that video to Jean via WeChat.

The transmission was completed and Jean's face finally looked at peace.

After Jean finished watching the whole video, she hugged Eva tightly as a way of thanking her, "Eva, you have no idea how grateful I am to you. Without your help, my reputation would be damaged. Moreover, it would create a misunderstanding between me and Zed."

"A Misunderstanding?" Eva was surprised by the extent of Jean's gratefulness, "What is going on?"

"You are not the only one to witness the club incident. Rumors are flying around to shame me. Now with your video, I've got nothing to fear." Jean loosened her hug and explained with a delightful smile.

"Oh, now I get it! Then I think you should show this video to Zed. As long as you make things clear to him, everything will be fine." Eva said with a forced smile.

"Ok." Jean nodded with gratefulness not noticing Eva's expression. "We are going fishing. Do you want to come along?"

"I......" Eva was disappointed seeing the expression of Zed's face. He wasn't happy to see her, instead impatien

tell me that Jean is better than me. I warn you! How could she be better than I? I am way more educated and have better looks. On top of that, she has no one to look after her. How can she be better? Dear Eva, I think you are being brainwashed by Jean, so please don't discourage me by listening to that manipulative bitch's words." Jesse stared hoping Eva would change her mind.

"I'm not discouraging you. I just want you to see the truth. I just don't want you to get hurt because I know how it feels to be rejected by the man you love." Eva was exhausted now, and sighed wanting to stop this conversation.

"Stop speaking nonsense. I want to know what you give Jean?" Jesse asked Eva like she was disgusted at her betrayal.

"Didn't you just see that? We became friends on WeChat and then she asked me to have coffee with her someday." Eva looked at Jesse and replied casually, "You can check my phone if you don't believe me."

Then she dug for her phone and handed it to Jesse.

Jesse looked at Eva suspiciously and inspected her phone.

She scrolled thorugh WeChat, and stopped after she saw Jean on her list.

After she was done, she still held onto Eva's phone and asked, "Is that all? Didn't you talk about anything else?"

Jesse tried to let the matter go but suspicion still remained in her eyes.

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