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   Chapter 239 Zed's Wife

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7123

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Lance Wang rudely shot back at Eva.

"Why did I hang up the phone? Because at that moment, Jean Wen, the woman in that video was right here beside me. Lance Wang, are you trying to kill me? What reason could you have had to post that video on the internet? Just for the hits? Don't you have any ethics? You had no right to do that! Did you think you were so brilliant, exposing someone's privacy by posting a specially edited video? Delete the video immediately, or your life could be in danger. Don't wait until it is too late. Remember that I've reminded you. Don't wait for me to remind you again."

Eva angrily gave him an earful.

"Eva, are you going crazy? Do you really know how popular the video is, right now? It's a good chance for me to become famous. How can I ..." Lance hurriedly explained. He realized that Eva really got angry with him this time.

"Lance Wang, which is more important to you? Your fame or your life? You must think it over carefully." Eva said viciously.

"You... Don't scare me..." From Eva's words, Lance knew that she was not trying to scare him. As soon as he said those words, though, he seemed to have realized that he had made a terrible mistake.

"You will soon learn whether I am scaring you or not. You are such an imprudent person. How could you post someone's video on the internet without figuring out who she is? She may throw you in jail for several years. What's worse, if her husband knew your behavior, your life would be in danger." Eva sighed on the phone.

"She... is married? Who is her husband?" Lance hastily asked.

"In H City, there is a very popular man who is exceptionally vigorous at work and successful in business. Do you know who he is now?" Eva didn't give him the answer to the question he had asked.

"You mean... She is Zed's wife?" Lance stammered in surprise and disbelief.

"Yes. You have messed with the wrong man. You'd better delete the video now and hope that Zed hasn't watched the video you uploaded yet." Eva sighed and asked, "Lance, I remember that you are a mature and smart person. Why are you being so absent-minded this time?"

d Zed were wearing casual clothes, so she asked curiously.

"It's a fine day today. So Zed and I decided to go fishing." Jean took a look at Zed before giving a reply.

Jean sensed that Zed was a little strange today. In the past, he was so happy to see Jesse. But today, it seemed that he didn't want to talk to Jesse.

'What's wrong with him?

Is he not in the mood to talk right now?

But just a minute ago, he talked to me cheerfully.' thought Jean.

"Fishing? What a good idea! Can I go with you, guys?" Jesse looked at Zed and asked happily.

Zed was still angry at Jesse for their talk last night, so he deliberately distanced himself from her.

But upon seeing Jesse's innocent face, Zed sighed and nodded. "Okay. You can come with us if you'd like."

Jesse was delighted upon hearing that Zed allowed her to join them. She continued, "You can go ahead. I'll find you out there. I need to change my clothes first."

Just then, Jean noticed that Jesse was wearing a very sexy skirt. Apparently, she wore the sexy skirt on purpose to attract attention.

They were going fishing by the river and there were all kinds of insects. It was certainly not right for her to wear a skirt.

Then Jean nodded. "Okay. We'll wait for you by the river."

"Okay!" After that, Jesse joyously ran upstairs

"Jean..." Eva had waited there for a long time. After Jesse left, she called Jean to come closer.

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