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   Chapter 238 What Is Wrong With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6842

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Zack didn't expect Jean to be so complacent and forgiving. He paused a bit and the remorse on his face became even more evident.

"I knew that you won't cheat on Zed and flirt with other men. It's my fault. I had some wine last night, got pretty drunk and had little or no control over my behavior."

Jean, suddenly stopped whatever she was doing and the smile on her face vanished. She looked up at Zack abruptly.

Zack was going to express his anger about the events that happened the night before but when he saw the look on Jean's face, he changed his mind and said nothing.

"What did you just say? Me? Flirt with other men?" Jean's eyes seemed like they were on fire. She did not like what Zack was trying to say and took offense to it. She did not hide her anger about it either.

"Don't get mad, Jean! Didn't you just say... it's all over now?" How Zack wished he had stopped himself before causing something like this.

His big mouth had caused him much trouble since last night. He wasn't even discreet and cautious enough not to hurt Jean's feelings now.

Zack couldn't regret more for what he just blurted out. But it was too late. He could never take it back.

"Zack, tell me exactly what you have heard." Jean looked at Zack as if she was looking through him, body and soul, and ordered him in a cold voice.

Zack hadn't dealt with Jean many times, but every time he saw her, he could feel the gentleness and charm surrounding her. But now, all he could feel was her seriousness and the irrefutable dignity in her tone.

"It's just a friend of mine who had seen someone that looked like you at the club and paid extra attention. He saw you with the girl from the Qin family dating two men. So, he added some extra details to his story. And of course, the words that came out of my friend weren't nice. In his eyes, two men and two women could only be dating."

Zack explained in a low voice, looking around to make sure that no one else heard that.

"Just because he saw that we were two men and two women, he made

s and shares keep going up. The comments are all reproving and mocking that woman. Eva, I did you a big favor this time. How will you repay me......"

Eva didn't to hear the rest of what the man on the other side of the phone said.

She stood there stupefied like a puppet.

"Eva......" Noticing the shock on Eva's face, Jean asked, getting worried.

Eva came to herself from the astonishment, and now, real panic flashed in her eyes and she hung up the phone instinctively.

Jean looked at her, puzzled and then she frowned.

"I didn't get through. He is probably still sleeping. Rest assured, I will keep trying to get through to him." Eva explained in a hurry, trying to cover it up.

"Fine, I really need that video. I'm counting on you, Eva." Jean nodded at Eva without any doubt.

"Got it, just trust me!" Eva responded with a smile.

"Then it's settled. I'll head back now. Do call me as long as you get anything." Then Jean flashed a smile at Eva and left.

Eva looked at Jean's back with mixed feelings, then she shut the door and dialed back quickly.

"Lance Wang, what's the matter with you? Who told you to post it online? Are you out of your mind?" Eva almost screamed into the phone with one hand on her hips and her face, red with anger.

"Eva, I am confused. Why did you hang up on me for no reason? What is wrong with you?"

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