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   Chapter 237 She Didn’t Deserve Your Love

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7008

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"It's none of your business!" Zed said angrily after hearing Jesse's words, his face turning gloomy.

'I have already said that I didn't want to listen to the recording. And Jesse knows me well. But what happens to her tonight?

Why did she insist that I listen to that recording and what did she mean?

The reason why I can't fall asleep is that my body hurts like crazy.

As for Jesse, it's really rude of her to do so.'

Seeing that Zed's facial expression had changed, Jesse knew that she may have been too impatient that she had said something to upset him.

Jesse quickly smiled in apology and said gently, "Ok, I'm so sorry, Zed. I only said that because I was worried about you."

"You should care more about yourself! Don't mind me!" After saying that, Zed turned around and walked back towards the room.

"Zed…" Jesse didn't want him to leave just yet.

Zed stopped walking, slowly turned around and walked to Jesse. He looked at her with concern. "Jesse, I know that you pick on every minor detail about Jean because you care about me. Regardless of what the recording is about, since it was recorded by someone on purpose, it proves that it's bad for Jean.

And you have seen what happened today. I had a fight with Zack because of what he said. I have been so impulsive this evening and I don't want to behave like that anymore. So, if you really care about me, please delete the recording and never mention it ever again."

After saying that, Zed again turned around and left, this time all the way to the room.

"Zed…" Jesse caught up with Zed, seized his arm and said, "Why do you trust her so much? Yes, the recording was recorded by Eva last night. Eva used it to force Jean to tell her about your whereabouts. Otherwise, why was Eva here? It was Jean who told her."

Jesse said in desperation.

"That's nothing. In the past, Jean wanted to pair me and Eva up. She even personally invited me to a romantic room. So, I'm not surprised by such a similar thing." Zed looked at Jesse with a relaxed bearing.

"What?" Jesse looked at Zed with shock. At that m

ep for as long as he could!'

Walking down the stairs, Jean saw Zack anxiously dragging his luggage outside.

Confusion ruled over her. She couldn't help asking, "Zack, are you leaving?"

Zack didn't expect to run into Jean or anyone else at this time. He was still a little embarrassed after fighting with Zed about the rumors about Jean last night. Zack quickly explained, "I have something to deal with downtown. So, I have to go back there. Hasn't Zed gotten up yet?"

"No, he still hasn't woken up. He was still curled up in bed when I left the room. Have you had breakfast? How about having breakfast together before you go?" Jean invited.

Zack thought for a while and felt that he should explain something to Jean clearly. He then nodded.

They walked to the restaurant of the resort which was almost empty. It was still early so most people were still sleeping.

No other people walked in the empty corridor.

Arriving at the restaurant, Zack ordered two breakfasts. He looked at Jean and apologized, "As for the thing that happened last night, I am really, really sorry. It was I who was too gossipy and made such a big scene."

"That's nothing. It's all over now." Jean shook her head and said. At first, she wanted to ask Zack what rumors had made Zed lose his temper.

After a good night's rest, Jean had calmed down and felt that there was no need for her to know.

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