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   Chapter 236 Do You Believe Her

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6698

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"Ron Qi? Who is that?" Maranda was still so sleepy that she asked feebly.

Jean rolled her eyes and said in a pretty annoyed tone, "Maranda Qin, if you don't get up right now, I am going to grab a knife and rush to your house!"

"What? Relax! Jean, what happened? You sound so upset?" Maranda asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Her sleepiness had disappeared.

"Don't interrupt me, tell me honestly, did Ron contact you later after that?" Jean asked again more seriously.

"Ron......" The voice of Maranda sounded kind of hesitant and helpless, then she sighed and said, "He made a few calls but I hung up on all of them."

Hearing this, Jean breathed a sigh of relief and the look on her face softened.

"Jean, why are you asking about this all of a sudden? What happened?" Maranda sounded concerned for Jean over the phone. Then seeming to have realized something, she cried out, "Oh my, did he also call you?"

"No, it's okay now, you can go back to sleep!" After that, Jean hung up the phone and she said to Zed with a proud smile on her face, "Okay, you heard that, right? Ron Qi called Maranda later after that. Now it is obvious that his affection for Maranda hasn't diminished because of the trouble I made......"

Zed looked back at Jean's smug face coldly. The displeasure on his face was evident.

Jean stopped talking instantly and smiled at Zed awkwardly.

It scared her a little, when Zed was being silent and serious.

She liked it better when Zed scolded her angrily. But better if he did neither.

"Zed, please say something. Now everything is ok......"

The air got more and more intense. Jean could only say it with a hollow smile.

"What do you mean everything is ok? Do you really think this is ok?" Zed finally said something but the words then came out were as cold as daggers of ice from a glacier. It was so cold that it could make one shiver.

"Is...... Is there anything else?" Jean looked at him with a pale face, head low like a guilty puppy.


late?" Zed frowned and asked somehow surprised.

"Sleep eludes me, Zed. Can you come with me to the top floor and enjoy the moon?" Jesse was almost begging Zed.

Zed was going to decline Jesse' invitation because he was not in the mood to enjoy the moon.

But when he saw the watery eyes of Jesse staring at him, it felt like that they hit a soft spot of his heart and so he nodded.

The two headed towards the top floor and looked at the starry sky. A big smile flashed on Jesse's face.

She couldn't resist the desire to take a few steps forward and took some deep breaths, then she turned around and looked at Zed.

"Zed, the reason why I asked you up here is that I wanted to tell you something." Jesse looked at Zed with complex feelings. "I want you to be prepared. It is about Jean."

Zed frowned and asked, looking at Jesse. "Jesse, do you really believe what other people gossip about Jean?"

"It's not gossip, I have the recording here. Zed, you will understand everything after you have listened to it."

Jesse took out her phone and looked Zed in the eyes calmly.

"Jesse, am I not making myself clear? No matter what is in that recording, I believe Jean."

Zed finished his words hurriedly and was going to leave.

"Zed, do you really believe her? If you do, then why did you go out so late alone?"

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