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   Chapter 235 Who Would Be The One To Blame

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8111

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"Alright, I'm gonna tell you all that I know."

Said Eva, looking at Jesse firmly. She had decided to confess to her.

Nodding with satisfaction, Jesse couldn't help putting a smile on her face. She took out her cell phone to record everything for proof.

Eva sighed. Seeing Jesse's tricks reminded her of herself in the past.

"But, before we do that, let's talk about a few conditions. I won't tell you until you agree to these terms, " said Eva in a serious tone coupled with a firm look.

"No problem. As I've said before, I would agree to any condition you have, " replied Jesse with no delay. She was determined to make Jean leave Zed at any cost.

Two hours later, with a smile on her face, Jesse felt really content. Looking at a paled Eva, she tried to act properly by patting lightly on her shoulder, "Don't worry. Just have faith in what you have said. And I promise, I will keep my end of the bargain."

After that, Jesse walked outside in a brisk pace, with her cell phone in her hand.

Looking at Jesse's silhouette disappear in the distance, Eva couldn't help clenching her fist, her eyes brimming with tears.

'Jean, I'm so sorry.'

Try as she might, even by covering her face with her hands, Eva could not stop the tears from falling.

After eating and drinking her fill, Jean lay on the couch in a cozy position. She was about to have a rest.

The door of bathroom swung open and a cloud of steam gushed out, and out stepped Zed covered only in a towel around the waist. He walked towards Jean slowly, with his thick, broad chest glistening with moisture from the shower.

"Aren't there wounds on your body? You shouldn't have taken a shower. I can imagine how unbearable the pain must be. Even if you were a clean freak, you should not have taken the risk to take a shower now. What if your wounds become inflamed when water gets into them?"

Looking at the multiple bruises all over his upper body, Jean couldn't help worrying. Taking out the medicine box in a hurry, she motioned him to sit beside her and started to apply the medicine carefully.

"How can the wounds become inflamed when I'm with you?" replied Zed, in a careless tone.

"What are you talking about? I'm neither a doctor, nor the medicine for your wounds." mumbling to herself, Jean just focused on dealing with his wounds.

"Actually, you are much better than any medicine for me." answered Zed. Scratching her

d not be seen or known by others. Some of the curious guys had called Zack to scout for more information.

Those who love gossiping, may have already talked about it in private!

It is only because they are afraid of me and what I may do if I lost my temper, that there is no gossip in front of me.'

But the picture remained grim. Zed still couldn't help feeling concerned.

He regretted both Jean's and his carelessness.

"Zed, what do you think I should do?"

Jean went closer to him sheepishly, and asked once again. She had become much more anxious not having Zed's immediate reply.

"What do I think? I think you can only pray that none of my previous assumptions will come true, or you'll have no other choice but to prepare yourself for everything!" After these words, Zed turned his back on Jean, avoiding looking at her pitiful face.

Jean was frightened as Zed talked about the serious consequences. But seeing him refusing to offer help and his angry face, she couldn't help putting on a resentful look.

She could only whisper to herself, 'Maranda Qin, you really got me in trouble this time.'

By mentioning Maranda's name, Jean's eyes suddenly lit up as if she thought of an idea. In a hurry, she took out her cell phone, and made a call to Maranda.

Almost immediately, someone picked up. There came the yawning voice of Maranda, "Hey, Jean, how come you are calling me so late? What's up?"

"Come on, Maranda, I can't believe you are still in the mood to sleep right now. Just tell me, did Ron Qi get in touch with you after the date last night?" asked Jean in a worried tone.

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