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   Chapter 233 Are You Afraid Of Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9673

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"What do you mean?" Zed frowned and stared at Jesse unhappily.

Upon seeing Zed's frown, Jesse's demeanor changed from hesitance to concern. She said in an aggrieved tone, "Zed, I am just worried about you... I have never seen you become so angry with me... Did I do something wrong? Please tell me, Zed..."

She blinked rapidly as though trying to restrain her emotions.

Zed observed Jesse for a while. When he gauged her expression to be sincere, a sense of guilt washed over Zed. He relented.

Zed then held Jesse's hands and said with a sigh, "Jesse, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm just feeling bad..."

"Zed, I don't want to see you so distressed." When Zed didn't answer, Jesse plastered on a smile and appeared cheerful as she said, "Forget the things that are making you so agitated. You still have my support. That's something to smile about, no?"

Jesse's innocent and heart-melting smile slowly healed Zed's broken heart. His mood gradually got better as well. Then Zed looked at Jesse and replied with a smile, "Yes, you are right. I shouldn't be affected by such obscure and insignificant things. And fortunately, I still have you, my little sister."

"That's right!" Jesse's smile became more brilliant as she reassured Zed, "In the past, whenever I was disturbed by something, I came to you for help. As long as you were by my side, I would feel better. The same applies to you, Zed. After all, we are friends. If you ever feel bad, remember to think of me. Then you will be sure to feel better!"

"Okay." Zed couldn't help laughing upon hearing Jesse's encouraging words. He felt as though a weight had been lifted. He shook his head and smiled at her in appreciation for her help. With Jesse's reassurance, Zed didn't feel that bad any more.

After Jesse finished applying the salve on Zed, a trace of concern flashed across her face.

She knew from past experiences that Zed wouldn't hear her advice. So considerately, she chose to stay silent and not make any comments.

Nevertheless, when Zed excused himself on the pretext of buying a snack for Jean, even though he was badly hurt, Jesse felt anger surge in her heart.

Why was it that he would place his wellbeing over hers?

Looking at Zed's leaving form, Jesse's beautiful face morphed into a sneer.

"Zed, if you don't have the courage to seek the truth, then I will figure it out for you!"

Jesse clenched her hands tightly as she softly murmured to herself.

In a quiet suburban villa, Eva stepped out of her bathroom after a leisurely bath. She hummed a song as she dried her hair. Then she walked to the balcony and took a deep breath. She stood there for a while appreciating the night setting.

The suburb was quiet on this peaceful starry night.

A light smile appeared on Eva's face.

She had been consumed with worry about what happened lately. Eva had felt overwhelmed

nothing to do with it." Jesse replied firmly. Her expression turned serious as she shook head and added, "Though I felt uncomfortable when you were dating Zed... But to be honest, I really didn't feel anything other than scorn. I still believe that you don't deserve Zed. No matter how hard you try and how beautiful you look, the break-up between you and Zed was inevitable. I know Zed very well. I know what kind of woman he wants. And unfortunately, you don't fit in that category. So, do you think I will get involved in your relationship with Zed when I could already foresee its end?"

Jesse asked Eva with contempt.

Anger overwhelmed Eva when she heard Jesse's explanation. She felt completely humiliated. She gnashed her teeth and glared at Jesse as though she was about to tear her into pieces.

'I don't deserve Zed's love? So she scorns me and regards me as a threat?

Jesse, how could you be so conceited as to humiliate me like this?'

Jesse's explanation kept echoing in Eva's mind. She became truly enraged. Although angry, she clenched her fists and tried to calm herself. There was no use in getting into a fight with Jesse.

"Don't glare at me so, " came Jesse's response. "I'm just telling the truth. You are not even a worthy opponent in my eyes. But you misunderstand the purpose of my visit. I'm not here to force you to give up on Zed. Instead, I will ask Zed to be nice to you. And of course, I have my own reasons for doing so. At the time when I was still confused about my feelings toward Zed, in addition to you, there were several other females who frequently appeared in Zed's life. So, after thorough consideration, I feel that it is better for you to be close to Zed as you aren't as challenging as the other women."

A frown appeared on Jesse's face as she said with a sigh.

'What do you mean by it's better for me to be close to Zed?

These words sound extremely humiliating!'

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