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   Chapter 232 Please Let Me Off

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9459

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"All right, stop talking about it. Don't you feel ashamed? So many people are watching you!" Zed walked up to Jean, grabbed her arm, and turned toward the room.

Jean's eyes widened in surprise. Her expression turned to bewilderment as she looked at Zed. When she turned to face Zack, she noticed his apologetic smile.

'What the hell is going on here?

I came to dissuade Zed and Zack from fighting. Instead of being appreciative, they think I shouldn't meddle?

Is that what this is all about?'

Complex expressions grew on the faces of all the audience as they watched Zed leave with Jean.

"Zack, are you okay?" An onlooker asked with concern.

"I'm fine..." Zack wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as a nonchalant smile danced on his lips.

Then he looked at Jesse. His brows furrowed when he noticed that her expression conveyed disgust and anger.

Feeling a little helpless, Zack continued to gaze at Jesse, hoping to identify her thoughts. When he couldn't, Zack turned away.

Jesse on the other hand, didn't know what to think. The argument between Zed and Zack had taken an aggressive turn. It had been a messy fight. However, Jean had come and resolved the situation easily.

And brother Zed, anxious to protect his wife, pulled Jean straight back into his room. Jesse found all this particularly upsetting.

'It seems that brother Zed is becoming more and more fond of Jean. The situation is spinning out of control. No, I can't let things go on like this!' Jesse's helplessness could be gauged from her demeanor.

Jean walked quickly to prevent herself from falling as Zed dragged her toward his room. She rolled her eyes at his overreaction but remained quiet.

As soon as they had entered the room, Jean shook off Zed's hand forcefully. She pouted as she asked, "What's the matter? Why did you fight with Zack for no reason?"

Now that they were back in the room and nobody was around, Jean found that she could question Zed openly without worrying about what people would think of their relationship.

Zed sighed in resignation. His face was swollen and his head throbbed painfully. He flashed Jean a reconciliatory smile and mumbled, "Would you mind questioning me later? I'm in terrible pain now. Please let me clean up first."

"No way!" Jean firmly shook her head and said, "I won't let you go until you give me a satisfactory explanation." Jean saw the surprise on Zed's face. Taking pity, she lowered her voice and said tenderly, "Zed, you're not an impulsive person. On the contrary, you are so rational that sometimes it's frightening. You fought with your best friend for no reason. That is why I want to know what happened. Zed, can you see why I'm worried?"

Jean reached for Zed's arm and shook it gently. Concern filled her eyes as she gazed at him.

Zed was sp

esort. Then he gave instructions to the manager to prepare a nutritious night supper for Jean.

Once the manager had left, Zed allowed himself to rest. He sat on the nearby sofa and nursed his aching head.

As he rubbed his temples, Zed thought about what Zack had shared with him.

Zed frowned. His expression conveyed the confusion he felt.

As a matter of fact, there also had been several rumors about Jean before, and it turned out that she was framed. So this time he should trust her from the beginning.

But how could he dismiss what Zack had said? Zack was like a brother to Zed. He trusted Zack implicitly. How could he trust Jean and not Zack? The dilemma had been so great that

Zed had punched Zack without thinking.

"Brother Zed..." Jesse walked into the hall and saw Zed sitting by himself. She walked up to him and said with concern, "Why haven't you tended to the wounds on your face and body? Come on, let me help you..."

"Thank you, but you don't have to..." Zed said quickly. He had greater concerns to deal with at the moment.

"Why not? Do you want everyone to see you like this? Do you want the wounds to fester?" Without waiting for a reply, Jesse turned and called for a waitress. She gave quick instructions to the waitress before sitting next to Zed. As soon as the waitress brought the first-aid kit, Jesse began to wash the wound and apply ointment.

"Zack really needs to pay attention to his strength. How could he hit you so hard..." Jesse said with concern as she applied the ointment.

"Well, you can't really blame him. He also suffered a lot of injuries. I didn't hit him any less hard than he hit me. I bet he's hurt just as much as me, " Zed frowned as he spoke.

Jesse stopped what she was doing and stared at Zed in quiet contemplation. She hesitated before speaking, "Brother Zed, could Zack have been telling the truth?"

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