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   Chapter 231 Don't Blame Him, For It Was My fault

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7242

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Eva ran out of breath and turned back to Jean. She paused to catch her breath and continued, "Zed began fighting Zack after Zack said something to him. But I don't know what the matter is. People are trying to stop them, but nothing seems to work. You'd better go and take a look yourself."

As Eva pronounced these words, Jean's face was drained of color, and without wasting any time she rushed out with her.

Jean said to herself, 'How could Zed have a fight with Zack?

They are good friends, aren't they?

Besides, Zed was still with me in the living room just a while ago. How could they start a fight within such a short time?

I know Zed very well, and he is not someone who likes to make a scene in public.

I really wonder what prompted this fight.' Jean was lost in thoughts.

It was only after hearing the screams, she returned from her thoughts.

Petrified, Jean peered to get a better look. Seeing Zack and Zed still punching each other with all their energy, worried her.

"Zed... Zack... You two just stop fighting."

Jean heard Jesse crying and begging from the distance.

She took out a moment and examined Jesse, and it shocked her to see the panic on Jesse's face.

Her beautiful face looked strange with anxiety consuming it.

She frowned and felt very uncomfortable being here.

Every time Jean glanced at Jesse, she found it hard to get rid of the image of her kissing Zed.

Somehow, Jean swallowed the bale forming in her mouth and got ready to speak.

"Stop fighting! Zed, your wife is coming."

Someone cried out, which stopped the screaming and crying.

Jean walked slowly, and stopped in front of Zed and Zack, looking very angry and upset.

However, Zed and Zack continued their fight, paying her no attention.

It seemed their background had blurred for them, and they could see no one but each other.

Jean noticed both Zed and Zack had used all their strength to attack each other. Small bruises formed in each other's body.

Fortunately, they were of the same height, and they learned how to punch together when they were young, so they smartly dodged each other's punch.

Once they took a smal

other hand, moved her attention from Zack to Zed. This meeting of eyes called for a pin-drop silence. Nobody from the crowd budged, and they felt the background disappear.

Under Jean's scrutiny, Zed's handsome face changed from anger to embarrassment. Suddenly, he felt ashamed about his actions.

He hurriedly moved his eyes away and frowned in panic.

"Tell me now! What the hell caused this fight? Zed, as far as I can remember, you went to fetch food for me. Where is the food?" she questioned.

Jean shook her head and peered at the delicious food lying wasted on the lawn. She felt sorry for them, because this aggressive fight had spoiled all the food completely.

"I..." Zed felt tongue-tied and words wouldn't come out of his mouth.

He was confused about what to say in order to make things better. He started searching for the right words.

"What? Please don't tell me that you forget to bring me the food. Didn't you realize I was starving?" Sensing that Zed was trying to escape her question, Jean's anger multiplied. She then stepped closer standing in front of him with a big question mark on her face.

"Don't blame him. It's my fault." Zack suddenly spoke leaving everyone shocked.

"You?" Surprised, Jean turned to Zack dying to hear more.

'Only a couple of minutes ago, they were bruising each other. And Zack is trying to defend Zed now?

What the hell is going on?' thought Jean who was amused now.

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