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   Chapter 230 Are You Jealous

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7013

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Zed couldn't believe Jean's series of actions this evening, evident with the way he looked at her.

At the moment, nothing had made him happier. His eyes shone like a child opening his Christmas presents.

"Jean..." His voice quivered as he embraced Jean tightly. Very, very tightly.

"I feel uncomfortable every time I see you with another woman. And I cannot describe how uncomfortable it is." Jean was serious, as she raised her petite face, her cute nose rubbing on his stubbly chin.

"If you felt uncomfortable, why didn't you say it upfront?" Zed asked in a deep apologetic voice.

"If I said it upfront, Zed, what do you think it would be like?" Jean revealed, expressing how helpless she had felt in the past, "They are all your friends. If I acted all jealous interrogating you like a detective, you would be embarrassed and you'd resent me."

"Is that the only reason?" Zed looked at Jean with much doubt.

He didn't believe that Jean would be reasonable enough to have these kinds of thoughts.

What worried him the most was if Zack's warning could be real and his prediction could come true.

That was the deepest fear in his mind at the moment.

Jean didn't have the courage to trust him and be confident of his love and faithfulness to her.

That was why he would release all the unpleasantness and have a good talk with her.

"Of course, another reason was Jesse. The two of you had a good relationship since childhood. I could understand it sometimes when you acted sweet and intimate with each other." Jean wanted to continue, but the way her husband was staring at her made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Understand? No, not really. In reality it was unacceptable to her

Jesse was deliberately doing inappropriate things for her to see, to make her jealous.

"Oh, you are so silly! Did you know that?" Zed sighed and embraced her more tightly, "I have expressed the contents of my heart to you again and again. Even if you don't trust yourself, you should trust me. What happened today was an accident. I didn't expect that Jesse would do that. I was

s a huge poisonous threat to both her and Zed.

'Don't be afraid, Jean. You have Zed.

You should trust him and have more faith in your relationship, ' Jean said to herself.

Zed's behavior tonight was remarkable.

He had been angry at her. But as he cared for her, he took the initiative to let off the grudges and clear away all misunderstandings, so that they could enjoy each other's sweetness instead.


Jean was calling his name in her mind again and again. As she did so, looking into the vast nothingness of her imagination, a tinge of sweetness surged through her.

'I should trust him more and stop being so jealous and suspicious all the time.'

Jean said to herself with determination. Since she was in a good mood, Jean took out her phone.

She randomly browsed a website, thinking about what Zed would bring to her.

Thinking of the delicious barbecue, Jean swallowed and felt hungrier.

'Zed had been gone for a while. Why hasn't he come back?'

Doubt started to rise in Jean's heart when the door bell rang.

'Did Zed forget to bring the key?'

Jean stood up from the sofa and opened the door.

"Jean... Come with me."

Eva's face was pale and nervous. She grabbed Jean and took her outside.

"What's wrong?" Jean stopped in her tracks and looked at her while asking. Given the way Eva looked, it seemed that this was going to be a big one.

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