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   Chapter 229 Let Go Of Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7986

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Everyone had focused their attention on Jean that they forgot about Zed. They were surprised when he suddenly stood up and walked towards Jean, with increasing fury in each stride. He grabbed Jean by the wrist and dragged her towards their room.

The whole crowd did not know how to react and fell silent for a few seconds. It was so quiet that one could only hear the slamming of the door from inside the house.

Everyone just watched it happen and no one said a word to stop it. The look on each person's face varied.

It was a private family issue, so no one dared step in. Besides, except for the feeding part, Mr. Qi was pretty gloomy all night.

It would be easy to figure out that there must be some quarrel or misunderstanding between the two of them that made Mr. Qi get out of control. But then again, so was his wife.

Zack came back to his senses quickly and acted accordingly. He tried to direct the attention of the crowd towards himself and said, "Come on, everyone! it's a lovely evening! Enjoy your dinner, enjoy the food and have fun! The mini-drama show is over and there's nothing to see anymore!"

Everyone smiled with ambiguity. They regrouped in smaller crowds and started talking to each other. The noise of everyone making chit chat at the same time almost sounded like a roar. Music also started playing loudly again.

As the two left the scene, Jesse could do nothing but watch. The look on her pretty face melted away and in its place was the look of fury.

Her chest went up and down as she breathed heavily and tightened her fists. It was clear that she was suppressing something in her chest and was about to burst.

Jean was enjoying the food and chewing when she was dragged away by Zed. She stumbled along and followed him.

She tried hard to break free from Zed's grip, but the strength between men and women are different like night and day.

"Let go of me......" Having swallowed the food in her mouth, Jean shouted in anger.

Zed was in a terrible mood. He looked back and gave Jean a cold stare.

When he saw Jean also looking at him in anger, it agitated him further.

He pulled Jean close and pinched her chin with his fingers. He almost screamed in outrage. "Jean Wen, have you always been this heartless and insensitive?"

"Me heartless?" Jean almost choked as she laughed. "The one who is heartless is you, not me."


bloomed in Jean's heart at she looked at the man she loved deeply. Tears started welling up in her eyes once more. This time with happiness.

"So, are you going to believe me now?" Jean asked, sniffing and wiping her tears away.

"You... what can I do with you.." Zed couldn't help but sigh. He looked at Jean, relieved that their big fight was over and asked, "So, what is it that you are concealing from me? Can't you even tell me the reason? You can't be dumb enough to give up and let another woman have me, can you?"

"No, never." Hearing this, a big smile flashed on Jean's face. She shook her head and said, "You are my husband. My head must be hit by a train if I made the decision to give you to another woman."

"Then what's your reaction when you saw Jesse kiss me?" Zed noticed that Jean had returned to her normal self and asked the question he had been dying to ask.

As the question was put forward, his eyebrows twisted and he looked at her, observing the slightest change in her facial expression.

The smile in her face momentarily vanished, then she looked at Zed.

People say that the IQ of a woman in a romantic relationship is almost zero.

But Zed seemed to be quite as dumb.

No one would have thought he could be so insecure when it came to his feelings.

Jean felt a warm surge in her heart as she put her hand around his waist and held him closely. Then she squeezed her face into Zed's chest and said gently, "Zed, if you have me in your heart and don't want to upset me, can you keep your distance from other women? No matter who they may be?"

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