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   Chapter 228 Delete The Video

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8676

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"Wait. What's going on between you and Jesse Tang? You seem to be afraid of her." Jean asked with curiosity, looking at Eva.

"I seem to be afraid of her?" Simply repeating the question under her breath, Eva gazed ahead with a complicated look on her face as if in deep thought. After a while, she let out a long sigh, "What if I told you, that the reason I broke up with Zed was because of her, would you believe me?"

"What?" Jean's eyes widened and quickly looked at Eva. Did she hear it right?

"I know that it's hard for you to believe it. That's why I want to warn you as early as possible. Jesse Tang, she is very cunning and sly. She found my weakness and used it against me in the end. Morally upright as you, you are no match for her by all means." said Eva, with a sigh.

Still doubtful, Jean felt it was a little too much for her to process this information. She studied Eva with a complicated look, as if trying to read something more in her expression.

After all, this Eva now in front of her, was the complete opposite of someone who used to take advantage of her, and verbally insulted her in various ways. She had even blackmailed her, threatening to show the video to Zed.

Now she suddenly turned around to help her against Jesse? The zealous Eva and the woman in front of her now seemed like two completely different persons.

Jean just couldn't help but be doubtful.

She was clear how much Eva cared about Zed, seeing what she had been doing all this time.

Jean could not convince herself that Eva would now help her defeat Jesse at her own game.

Jean seemed at a loss with her mixed feelings and remained silent. With Jean not saying anything for quite a while, Eva knew that this embattled wife was not sure of her intentions.

With a heavy sigh, Eva turned to face Jean, "I know it's hard for you to believe what I'm saying now, because of what I've done to you before. So..." Eva brought out her phone and continued, "Jean, to prove my sincerity, I'm going to delete this video in front of you right now."

Eva scrolled through the files to find the video in her phone.

Jean wanted to sound out her real intention, so she replied, "No, I believe you."

Eva paused briefly, quite astonished that Jean would no longer be interested in the video. "Honestly, there is no use for me to keep this video now. After all, you've kept your word to invite me here."

Said Eva, with a slight swipe of her finger, she pressed the delete button.

"Done. Do you believe me now?" Eva then showed the phone screen to Jean.

After a quick glance at the phon

And that was just a moment ago. Jean did exactly what Jesse had expected her to do, to run away in desperation.

Sure enough, a devastated and sad Jean did run away immediately seeing her husband welcome Jesse's kiss.

'What is going on now?

Why did she come back?

And what's with the smile on her face?

Jean Wen, I might have underestimated you.'

"What are you doing here?" asked Jean, with a faint smile on her face. Seeing the people around with their eyes glued to her at the moment, she tried her best to control her emotions and calm down.

"Where did you go to just now?" Zack could not help feeling strange, seeing the look on Jean's face. As far as his understanding went, things were not as simple as they seemed.

"Well, I found a beautiful spot somewhere here and spent awhile enjoying it." said Jean, trying to make herself look calm and composed to all.

However, the moment when her eyes caught sight of the overwhelming variety of food on the colored glaze table, she just couldn't help shouting with excitement, "Wow, they all look delicious! Why didn't you tell me that the food is ready? Hey, Zack, did you do magic here? You've turned this simple barbecue dinner into a luxurious meal. You're awesome!"

Jean exclaimed and gave Zack a thumbs-up in appreciation. She then quickly went closer to the table and made herself busy trying each kind of food in front of her.

Feeling left out in the cold, Zed fixed his eyes on Jean, completely puzzled at his wife's behavior. His face could not be described.

'So, she did not see what happened or did she? And how come she's bubblier than a toddler who ate too much sugar?'

Feeling a pang of exasperation in his heart, Zed stood up.

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