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   Chapter 226 It Could Not Be Vaguer

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8292

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Hearing Zed so resolutely forbid her to mention Jean again, Jesse almost jumped with joy but did her best to hide it.

She exclaimed to herself, 'Oh my God! Is this conflict between Zed and Jean that serious?

It seems that even God is giving me the chance to take Zed away from Jean and for myself!

It would be crazy for me not to grab it!

Jean, I am not stealing your husband from you! You did this to your self.'

Jesse narrowed her eyes and turned sharply towards Jean's direction.

But even her shadow was nowhere to be seen.

All the better. Jesse didn't have to lift a finger to make Jean disappear and felt happy about it. With that loser gone, she then wrapped her arms around Zed's and walked with him to the grill with the biggest smile on her face.

"Zed..." When Zack saw Zed and Jesse come over arm in arm, there was a brief flash of surprise on his face. But he quickly laughed it off and pushed through the crowd towards them, greeting Zed, "Where's Jean? Why isn't she here with you?"

Irritated, Zed glared at him and shouted out, "Enough with the rubbish to talk! Is the barbecue ready yet?"

"Oh, yeah." Zack was a smart man. When he saw Zed's unhappy face, he sensed that something unpleasant must have happened. To calm Zed down, he quickly asked, "What do you like to eat? I'll get it for you."

"Thanks, but I can pick them out myself." After that, Zed got a plate, went to the table spread with all kinds of food, and began to choose the food that he liked.

Jesse wanted to go with Zed, but Zack stopped her and smiled hilariously, "Jesse, what do you want to eat? I'll get it for you. Please give me a chance to show my entertaining skills."

"Fuck off!" Jesse shouted angrily as she pushed him away. Her beautiful face was showing Zack nothing but coldness.

Zack smiled bitterly at such reaction from Jesse. He said pitifully, "Magnolia has been away for two years. Jesse, you've given me enough punishment. Tell me where she is, will you? I beg of you!"

Zack pleaded.

"Wait. You want me to tell you where she lives? Like her complete address?" Jesse stared at Zack and asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Getting close to her again, Zack nodded vigorously, almost like an excited puppy about to be given a treat.

"Sure! Sure. Here it is... Wait till the next life!" Jesse fiercely shouted as she pushed him away. "I won't let scum like you, hurt Magnolia ever again!" Unafraid of Zack, Jesse moved closer to him

ere anything I can do for you?" Jean asked sincerely.

"Thank you for your kindness. But you don't have to worry about me. I have to take care of my own business. I saw your husband earlier. He seemed pretty upset. You'd better worry about him!" Zack dropped the unfinished cigarette and turned to walk in another direction.

Jean couldn't help thinking, 'Why does everyone care so much about Zed and me?' And she let out a soft but bitter chuckle.

Jean's heart was filled with helplessness at the thought of Zed.

Taking a deep breath, she walked over to the place where the dinner party was.

Far away, she saw everyone gathering together and having a good time.

Zed and Jesse were at the most striking place in the middle.

At that moment, they were surrounded by people, holding the plates in their hands. Amidst the laughter and merry making, Jean clearly saw Jesse raising a kebab and about to put it in Zed's mouth.

In front of everyone, Zed slowly opened his mouth, gently bit the piece of meat in Jesse's hand and chewed it slowly while staring at Jesse.

His eyes, his expression, his actions, could not be vaguer, and could not be gentler.

Seeing such a romantic scene, everyone got very excited. Some people whistled while others clapped their hands and cheered.

Jean looked at all this in shock, her whole body feeling hollow and her knees feeling weak.

Especially when she saw Jesse enticingly smile at Zed, tiptoe up and steal a peck on his cheek, a little too close to the lips.

Jean couldn't bear the sight, staggered back a step, not knowing what to do.

The guests on the contrary got more excited...

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