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   Chapter 225 What Is Wrong With You And Jean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7175

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After taking the bath, Zed came out with a blank face.

The sweetness and softness he had worn on his face before for Jean was all gone, as if he was not the same any more. He was feeling disappointed and angry which was visible from his serious face.

Jean was also upset but she had no one to confide, so she quickly rushed into a shower in the bathroom. And when she came out, the room was empty. Zed was not there any more.

On seeing that Zed had left the room without saying any other word, the weakly Jean sighed. She put on her clothes downheartedly and walked outside to join the party.

On the lawn, the barbecue party was heatedly going on.

Beers, beverages and various delicious food were neatly arranged on the counter table covered with white veil.

Fruits, cakes and all kinds of desserts were arranged in flowery patterns.

It was more of a party for the upper-class than a barbecue party as the food display was not worldly and ambiance was a sight to behold.

Jean was surprised, on seeing Zack laughing happily and loudly with a bunch of people. His handsome face glowed with a smile as he was being hit on by some beautiful ladies.

Had she not known about Zack's story, Jean would never imagined that Zack was actually a faithful person to be involved in a relationship.

Jean glanced around and saw Zed and Jesse sitting around a corner and chatting happily. On that sight, her heart sank in dismay. A wave of sorrow went through her body.

But she decided to walk away from there, as she turned to go, she heard footsteps behind her.

"Jean..." The voice was from Eva. Hearing that, Jean stopped in mid-way.

When Jean turned around to see Eva walking towards her with a wicked smile and happiness showing from her face, Jean furrowed her brows and asked unpleasantly, "What's the matter?"

"What? Do you feel sad on seeing your husband with another woman?" Eva stared towards Zed and Jesse and crossed her arms around her chest. She was trying to provoke Jean so that Jean would say something, which she could use for her own benefit.

"If there is nothing else, then I'll leave." With darkened fa

erness overwhelmed her as she saw Zed acting strangely and not understanding her.

"Zed, what's wrong with you and Jean?" Jesse took back her smile and pretended to ask worriedly, "I saw Jean stare at me angrily just now. Did she have any kind of misunderstanding?"

"Misunderstanding? You don't need to care what she is thinking. You only need to care for yourself and leave others alone." Hearing Jean's name, Zed felt irritated as he still was angry with Jean, so he said in an irksome tone.

"But Jean's your wife. If there is a misunderstanding, you should clear it. Otherwise, I will be the innocent victim." Jesse was pretending to act pitifully, "Zed, you also saw it, the way Jean looked at me. As if she wanted to swallow me."

"Don't worry. I am here. She won't dare to do anything to harm you." A hint of ruthlessness flashed on Zed's face. "I was being too nice on her, so she behaved more and more willfully. Jesse, you just walk away from her the next time you see her."

"Zed, what did Jean do to make you angry like that?" Jesse asked surprisingly. She was also feeling angry for him. But she did want to know what happened between them that made Zed so angry.

It was her first time to see Zed lose his temper for a woman.

"Leave the past behind. And forget it." Zed's face darkened. He looked at Jesse with his furrowed brows, "If you want to make me happy, don't ever mention her in front of me."

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