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   Chapter 224 Zack's Affections

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7638

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"Do you really want to know about them?" Zed said while looking at Jean with frowning eyebrows.

"Sure, I would like to know all about it." Jean hurriedly nodded. "Though I only had a little contact with Jesse, it was the first time that I had seen her getting so angry. Have Zack provoked her before?"

Jean asked curiously, while gazing at Zed with her sparkling eyes which were appearing like stars.

"It's a long story to tell. But it is also a little wearily familiar. As a matter of fact, you must have guessed some of it, yet, " Zed sighed and said slowly in his deep and serious voice.

"Does Zack really like Jesse?" Hearing Zed, Jean asked him excitedly with her eyes lit up with surprise.

"Though Zack looks like a womanizer, he is a faithful man in fact. However, who Zack likes is not Jesse Tang, but her elder female cousin, Magnolia Tang." Zed came out with this startling news.

Hearing this, Jean was instantly stunned. After carefully recalling Zack's action and his tone when he saw Jesse, Jean asked confusedly, "In that case, why is Zack always very eager to please Jesse, while she plays deaf to him?"

"It is because Jesse has a very close relationship with Magnolia Tang. When Zack and Magnolia were in love, Zack was still a young lad and was very immature. And so, Zack did something wrong to hurt Magnolia Tang She was so angry that she went abroad after that. Even after so many years, Zack still can't find her. As for Jesse, Zack might feel guilty towards Magnolia Tang's sister. Naturally, he tries to humor her in regret. And the most important thing is that Zack can only know where Magnolia Tang is living right now through Jesse."

Exhaling slightly, Zed explained tediously to Jean.

"Is that why Zack is too enthusiastic when he meets Jesse? And no matter how frigid Jesse is to Zack, he always treats her with zest. Is it just for getting Magnolia Tang's address from Jesse?" Jean asked in shock, "Can't Zack find Magnolia Tang by himself? Or doesn't anyone in the Tang family know about Magnolia Tang's address either?"

"With the intention of not letting Zack find her, Magnolia Tang was staying away from home. Therefore, as you thought correctly, Zack have also tried to get Magnolia Tang's address from her family, but it faile

'Zed, can I trust you?

If I tell you the truth, you will be very angry.

And I also know your temper too well. If you get angry, the consequences for me will be unbearable.

It's an unusual time now. Jesse is also ready to steal you from me at any time. I really don't want to give anybody any chance to take you from me at this time.'

"Zed, please do not ask. Trust me this time, will you?" After a long pause, Jean stared at Zed pitifully and pleaded at last.

Zed's eyes flashed with disappointment, and immediately he was extremely sad which was clearly visible from his despairing face.

He was waiting for Jean to speak out for herself. But he saw that she had been escaping from the truth, and finally he could not bear to ask.

To his surprise, she still didn't want to tell him the truth.

'Jean, are you so unwilling to trust me?'

"Zed, don't be unhappy. When the right time comes, I'll tell you the truth as soon as possible." Seeing Zed's hard-to-hide disappointment, Jean was anxious and she hurried forward to comfort him.

But just giving her a silent look, Zed finally got up and went straight into the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, Jean blankly slumped down on the big bed and smiled bitterly.

She still got Zed angry.

And she knew he was very, very angry.

But she still did not regret her decision of not telling him.

'When all get over, I'll explain it to Zed!' Jean consoled herself in mind while sitting tiredly on the bed.

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