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   Chapter 223 Why Should I Tell You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7217

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Eva inquiringly looked at Jesse and asked.

"What is it?" Furrowing her eyebrows in order to recall, Jesse was not able to remember anything at all, with only little impression in mind.

She was not in the same city with Zed at that time. Thus, it was months later when she knew that he had have a girlfriend.

When she flew back to visit Zed later, she saw Eva beside Zed for the first time. And at the first sight of Eva, Jesse had known by Eva's behavior that she was a forceful and head-strong woman.

Following her intuition, Jesse knew at once that Eva was not Zed's cup of tea as Zed usually didn't go for such kind of woman. Therefore, she did not pay much attention to her.

She had never prevented Zed from having fun with other girls.

If Eva hadn't pushed her luck to become Zed's wife, Jesse would not have even cared about her existence. However later, she did played some schemes to get Eva to leave Zed.

Therefore, taking advantage of Eva's hypocritical and self-centered traits, Jesse didn't even require to apply her slightest effort to throw Eva out of Zed's life.

But it was too late to do anything to change the situation now. No matter what she was going to do, it would make no difference. She couldn't help but regret on this situation.

It was not that Zed was merciless to Eva in the past. However, the time they were together was not long enough for building a strong emotional basis for a good and happy relationship. Besides, time flies and circumstances were different. Now Zed was with Jean in a happy married life.

Thus, you could say that Eva's appearance at this time, she had only herself to blame.

"You had gone too far by occupying the most important place in Zed's heart, in the name of being his sister. No dignified women who is with Zed would stand it, that he is not involved with them in the relationship with his whole heart simply because of his sister. I had no idea whether you were hiding your real affection for him previously or you really didn't know about it also. But I'm pretty sure right now that you know your real feelings for him!" Eva looked cynically at Jesse, with a disdainful

n his deep and magnetic voice with a sneer on his face.

Knowing that he was teasing with her, Jean could not help from becoming timid in awkwardness, feeling out of place.

"Let me go, or I'm gonna get up." After her words, Jean tried to disengage herself from his grip while trying to get up.

"What's the rush? Zack will call us when all the things are ready." Zed placed his arms around her, preventing her from freeing herself from his embrace..

With a soft cry of surprise, Jean fell back on his broad chest once again. She felt ashamed for leaving Zack alone there doing all the grilling. With a frown she said, "Do you mean that Zack here will take care of the barbecue. And we are here just to eat, am I guessing right?"

"Or what do you think? Why would I ask him to join us?" Obviously Zed was taking it for granted.

"Zed, Zack is your friend, not your subordinate." Feeling annoyed by what Zed had said, and convulsed by his natural voice, Jean tried to remind him.

"Are you defending Zack right now?" Zed was a little jealous by what Jean had said, looking directly at her with his deep dark eyes.

"No, I'm just curious that why would Zack take orders from you willingly. It feels a little weird between him and Jesse, what is going on? Why is there some kind of tension whenever they are in the same room?" With so full of doubts in her heart, for so long Jean wanted to ask the question, and now she did.

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