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   Chapter 222 The Underflow Between The Women

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6839

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The sudden arrival of Zed caught the three women off guard.

Jean was kind of ill at ease as Zed walked towards her and a feeling of fear flashed in her eyes.

She even felt jealousy spike through her.

The realization that Jesse and Eva, two beautiful ladies, wouldn't hesitate to kill her for this man was struck by her.

Also, she understood she was here only because Zed loved her.

If someday, they were to part then her position would be no better than that of Eva's.

As her train of thoughts reached at this destination, she felt overwhelmed with tension and worry.

Jesse, on the other hand, looked at Zed with mixed feelings. Suddenly, a weird smile played on the tip of her lips.

She remembered that Eva still hadn't mentioned who gave her the address.

'There must be someone who told her the whereabouts of Zed.

Anyway, the most important thing is that Eva was threatening Jean. She may have some information that could spoil her marriage.

But Eva was stopped by Jean, because Eva was of the belief that Jean was closer to Zed.

It is quite simple. Since Jean is the wife of Zed, she thinks of her as the easiest path to reach Zed.

But is Jean that dumb?

Why will she let another woman covet her husband? She seems quite possessive to me.

Of course not, judging from the way she tries to own him in public, she doesn't seem like such a generous woman.

Then there is only one reason left, which has to do with something Jean did. The mention of what has happened last night was freaking Jean out. It didn't escape my notice.

If so, then I am going to dig deeper and make her life hard, ' Jesse thought.

A touch of delight crossed Jesse's face, and then she looked at Jean who turned pale white.

The excitement on Eva's face on seeing Zed couldn't be disguised. She shamelessly called out, "Zed......"

Zed looked least bothered about Eva and his eyes hunted for Jean. On noticing her, he asked, "You are not looking very well. What's the matter? Are you ill?"

"No, I'm okay, " Jean repli


Eva looked at Jesse with anger which she had tried to hide for a long while.

A slight sorrow flashed in Jesse's eyes on the mention of this.

If Jesse had knew what she really wanted, then there would be no room for Jean.

Jesse sighed thinking about her loss and then looked at Eva, "What if I tell you that you are misunderstanding my relationship with Zed?"

"Jesse, are you kidding me? You spoiled my relationship with Zed! If you didn't want Zed, why did you try so hard to break us apart? I believe that Zed considers you his sister, but the same can't be said about your feelings for him." Now Eva mocked Jesse with a demeaning smile.

If Jean thought that Eva would team up with Jesse, then Jean was wrong.

Even though Eva didn't have many tricks up her sleeve like Jesse did, she still had a spine.

She would never cooperate with the woman who had sabotaged her love affair with Zed.

"What? Just tell me what I have done to you? You just hate me because you did not get to marry Zed. It's not my fault he doesn't love you." Jesse challenged Eva for an answer.

"Stop acting all innocent. I know very well how you tried to tell Zed that I wasn't a good match for him. You went behind my back and filled his heart with hatred for me. And do you want me to tell you the worst thing you did to me? The thing that spoiled my life!"

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