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   Chapter 221 What Are You Doing

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7532

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Eva looked so vicious and cunning at that moment that Jean wished badly to give her an unmerciful slap.

'How can there be such a shameless woman who enjoys flirting with other's husband?

Besides, she takes pride in her shamelessness. She even threateningly stared at me! Your cheapness astonishes me, ' Jean murmured to herself.

"Who can't continue to be a part of the Qi family?" A sweet voice suddenly interrupted their conversation. Hearing the voice, both Jean and Eva stopped their argument.

With a confused look, Jean caught Jesse walking towards them. With focused eyes, Jesse tried figuring out what was going on.

A rush of excitement passed Eva's gloomy cheeks and she looked at Jesse as her last resort. She hurriedly walked over to Jesse and politely greeted her, "Miss Tang, it has been a long time since we last met."

Funnily, Jesse failed to recognize Eva and eyed her carefully trying to place her, but in vain. Taking some moments out, she vaguely thought of her name and stammered, "You are...... E......"

"Yeah, I am Eva Xu, " Eva said happily. Eva didn't mind that Jesse found her hard to place because she wasn't the sort to feel embarrassed.

After Eva introduced herself, Jesse interestingly looked at her. She sensed something in Jean's silence and asked Eva why she had come here.

"I came here to meet you since I heard you guys were on a holiday." Eva put on a fake smile and continued, "now Miss Tang has gotten more and more beautiful. I am finding it hard to take my eyes off you......"

"That's enough. Stop your empty talks right now! Why weren't your words so sweet when you were dating Zed?" Jesse jeered at her like she deserved no respect.

Eva had been defiant when Zed backed her up.

"Miss Tang, I was childish and ignorant back then. Hope you will forgive me for my mistakes." Eva had egg on her face, but immediately smiled.

Let bygones be bygones, Jesse thought, and she didn't wish to get tangled in these old fights. Now, she once again examined Jean's face.

Seeing Jean's frozen look, Jesse asked Eva with great curiosity, "What were you talking about? Eva, were you threatening Jean before I came? How could you be so bold to treat her that way? Jean isn't the same as before. N

ling the club story.

"So, you really care about Jean?" Full of doubts, Jesse put out this question. Jesse wasn't a fool, hence she was soaked in doubt by the sudden turn of events.

"If that's how you want to put it, I just want to make sure Jean keeps Zed happy." Now Eva just overdid her part, and Jesse detected the irony. She managed to look unhinged and explained, "As you know, I find it hard to believe Zed would marry such an ordinary woman."

Upon hearing Eva's explanation, Jesse looked satisfied and stopped looking at Jean so shrewdly.

Jean smiled bitterly because she knew what Eva said wasn't a charade. Instead, she actually believed it.

"Eva, Zed is married so just try to forget him!" Jesse pointed out the truth, like always, and hit her hard without any mercy.

"What about my heart? How to get it back?" Eva sadly shifted her attention to Jesse before she furiously stared at Jean.

Jean felt angry for the hatred was being directed at her. She thought, 'It was not me who asked you to forget your love for Zed. Then, why do you vent all your anger at me?

What the hell is wrong with Jesse?

Why can't she just let it go?'

Since Eva has been pacified, Jean hoped there wouldn't be any mention of the club night.

Zed, on the other side, was getting worried since Jean had been missing for a while now. After searching everywhere, he paused when he saw the three women standing like a trio. "What are you doing?" he yelled making all the three turn around.

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