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   Chapter 220 Overwhelmed By Grief

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7756

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In spite of the agitation inside Zed's mind, Eva was completely unaware of the fact she was unwelcome here.

She flirtatiously took off her big sunglasses and proceeded closer to Zed. She flashed him an alluring smile and walked in light steps to look seductive.

'Eva, don't you feel any shame at your own actions?' Jean wondered.

'I won't stop you if you want to come here. But can't you pretend to behave a little decently? Just stop being so obvious. It seems that everything else disappears when you see Zed.

You look so thirsty for love. It's like you are worried that others wouldn't know you came here just for Zed.'

Eva just humiliated Jean not even noticing she was present.

"Zed......" Eva went on. With her snowy white arms stretched out, Eva greeted Zed with passion. She felt a strong sense of honor and excitement as if she had been invited here by Zed.

The whole thing looked funny to Jean, so she covered her face to stop herself from laughing.

'Eva never behaves modestly. Is she really Zed's first lover?

Why do I doubt about this?' Jean thought to herself.

"Zack......" With his eyebrows furrowed, Zed abruptly called out for him.

Zack was still pissed at what happened, but moved hurriedly and gave a crisp answer to Zed, "Yeah......"

"You should find a way to send that woman away if you want to get a chance to approach Jesse." After these words came out from Zed's mouth, Zack was overcome by relief and hope.

"Yes, I could do that, " he replied. However, Zack's excitement only lasted for two seconds, and he looked hopeless once again after seeing the woman Zed was referring to.

"Is that difficult for you?" Jean leaned and asked seeing the shock on Zack's face.

She wondered why someone as strong as Zack would look so shocked about dealing with a petit woman.

"No Jean, you have no idea how hard this task is. Zed still regrets dating this woman. Today you may get to see how shrewd she is. Zed is overwhelmed by grief for having dated her ever before, " Zack replied in despair.

Jean nodded understandingly after hearing his words, although deep down she didn't understand much.

She heard that it was Eva who had dumped Zed. But she didn't know the exact details of their relationship.

'Why is Zed overwhelmed by grief?

Is it because Eva k

to help Maranda.

Maybe Zed would be a little disappointed on finding this out, but the fight couldn't be that bad. They would sit and sort it out, so she didn't feel threatened by Eva's words.

Jean had determined to not give others any chance to take advantage of her since she discerned what kind of person Jesse was.

"Jean, I have kindly reminded you that Zed is a very narrow-minded person. Aren't you afraid that I will tell him the truth?" Slowly Eva realized her words were falling on deaf ears. In spite of this, she continued with her threats.

"Fine. I can help you make an appointment with Zed if you don't succeed in meeting him today. Then you can talk to him to your heart's content, " said Jean while she passed Eva a cold look.

"Son of a bitch, you are really nasty." Eva insulted her back. Jean's replies had angered Eva.

'I made a mistake by belittling Jean, who is not as foolish as I expected.

Now she is unafraid of my threats! Who the hell has trained her to become so brave?'

"Okay Jean, I am aware that Jesse is also here. She means a lot to Zed, doesn't she? In fact, I am pretty sure she means more to him than you do. So stop with your retorts because I won't be so kind to you if you don't do as I tell you to do. You can only imagine what a disaster it would be if I show the video to Jesse. It would be foolish of you to think that you can continue to be a part of Qi Family after this video is seen by Zed."

With her eyes gleaming, Eva threatened Jean viciously and felt a tinge of success.

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