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   Chapter 218 Three People's Trip

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7941

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Jean tried hard to smile, but Jesse detected something missing in it. There was a tinge of irony somewhere in that smile which made Jesse cringe with discomfort.

Not caring much about Jesse, Jean had her breakfast leisurely.

'I will never let an intruder snatch away from me what is mine, ' Jean thought and then flashed Jesse her cruellest smile.

'And since Jesse enjoys acting so much, it's time to show my acting skills to her so that she knows who the real boss is.'

The scene near the table happened in silence. Both the women were in some sort of trance, lost within their own schemes and plans.

As if to break the silence, Zed entered the room and gave them both an opportunity to get back to reality.

At first, a cloud of suspicion passed through his face, but the ladies put on their best smile instantly turning his frown into a smile.

"Have you finished yet?" He asked and raised his eyebrows just like he always did when he waited for an answer. For a second, his eyes met Jean's and he felt relieved to notice she had calmed down completely.

Seeing that they put down their knives and forks, he called back to the ladies, "Okay, let's go!" Jesse quickly walked near Zed, leaving Jean behind with anger.

Seeing this, an idea popped into Jean's mind. She quickened her pace and screamed, "Zed! I feel too full. Can you hold me while we walk?"

Instantly, Zed was consumed with concern and happily offered his help. "Should I carry you?" he insisted with nothing but sincerity.

"Don't exaggerate it, Zed!" she went on pushing him playfully. Looking behind, Jean caught a glimpse of Jesse's ghastly horror-struck expression. Jean smiled and placed her hands on his arm.

"Just hold me slowly."

They both walked together like a happy couple and now Jesse was the one left behind.

Jesse was furious with Jean and her petty games.

'This is Jean's cheap trick!

How dare she challenge me!

I will show you who is more important to brother Zed, just wait and watch!

I have never lost a game!'

Zed held Jean carefully all the way to the car. He then thoughtfully fastened her seat-belt before getting to the driver's seat.

Then, he waited for Jesse to get in and began the ride. Suddenly, his happiness was drained and replaced by a frown.

He just realized the whole thing had been a sham. Jean was not the type to entic

" Jean said without really sounding happy.

"Well, I'll start off by calling Zack right now to ask them to come over. Also, let them buy some barbecue food and necessities." Saying that, Zed dug his pocket to get a hold of his cell phone and dialed Zack's number.

Jean was deep in thoughts and contemplated how to make her plan work under the circumstances.

Seeing the expression of doom on Jean's face, Jesse did a dance of victory inside her head.

'Jean, the show is just beginning. Let's wait and see.'

The rest of the drive went on smoothly. It was already afternoon when they finally arrived at the nearby resort.

Taking the luggage into the reserved room and looking out at the beautiful scenery outside the window, Jean felt her worry drift away. The change of atmosphere had done her some good, she thought hopefully.

Yet again, Jean's thoughts went back to the expression of jealousy that passed through Jesse's face when Zed mentioned Jesse would be staying in a separate room.

She clearly remembered how Jesse's face turned into a color palette showing every color in the world.

However, worry also came along.

'Jesse has put a move on me. I can tell she is going to play her dirty tricks.'

Thinking of this, Jean sighed slightly. Just as she was about to turn around, a pair of warm and powerful hands wrapped her comfortably.

"What are you thinking about, my dear?" Zed asked with sincerity. Making his grip stronger, Zed put his chin on her shoulder. His warm breath blew gently into her ear, and once again she forgot all her worries.

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