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   Chapter 217 You Are Looking Beautiful Today

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7301

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Without a second thought, Jean turned around to avoid being noticed. She came into the living room and sat weakly down on the sofa, as though all of the strength had gone out of her limbs.

Jean just couldn't stop herself from imagining the intimate act between Zed and Jesse. They looked so happy with the brightest smiles on their faces.

'Maybe my first impression of them was right. Jesse must have feelings toward Zed, ' thought Jean.

Several days ago, Jean happened to hear Zed comforting Jesse on the phone in his study, and his tone made her worried immediately.

Right now she was even more worried and she was also having a bad feeling towards it.

Jean said to herself, "How could I overlook my own true feelings so easily just by a few words of explanation from Zed and Jesse? I must be out of my mind at that moment. Oh, my god. I was such a fool."

She had run from the dining room when she saw Zed and Jesse, for she was not emotionally prepared for that kind of situation.

Or maybe she just didn't have the heart to... ruin their happy and cozy atmosphere.

Jean felt empty and heartbroken as if she was breathless.

Jesse turned back just in time to see Jean hurriedly leaving with a scuffle of feet. Realizing that Jean was looking devastated, in contempt Jesse's smile grew brighter.

"Why is Jean late in coming downstairs?" After waiting for a while, Zed frowned and asked, looking out of the dining room.

"Zed, take it easy. As all women do, Jean needs to dress up before going out." Jesse replied with a smile on her face.

Upon hearing that, Zed smiled at Jesse, "Then why didn't you spend some time dressing up?"

"I don't need it because of my natural charisma. Don't you think so? As you have seen I look good in everything." Jesse said proudly with a sneer on her lips.

"Come on, don't be so greedy, okay? Are you saying Jean is less beautiful than you?" Zed ruffled her hair and asked with a smile.

"Zed, to be honest, who is more beautiful in your eyes, Jean or I?" Looking at Zed with her shinning eyes, Jesse pretended to ask casually.

"Jean and you... both have your own merits. Both of you are very beautiful." Zed pau

alked towards the dining room purposefully.

"Jean, you are here for breakfast." Jesse warmly greeted her as she entered into the dining room.

"Yep, I am here." Jean replied in a soft tone, staring pointedly at Jesse's face.

"Why are you staring at me as if there is something wrong with my face?" Jesse was feeling a little nervous, so she asked with an awkward look on her face.

"You are so beautiful today." Jean quickly moved her eyes and gave her a faint smile.

"Really?" Jesse was very glad upon hearing Jean's compliment. She said to her nicely, "Please have some food for breakfast first. You'd better keep your belly full, for we are going to have lunch late."

"Okay, I will." Jean nodded and started with a sandwich after taking her seat on the table.

Seeing Jean eating the sandwich greedily, a spasm of contempt came across Jesse's eyes. But the words from her mouth were, "Just slow down a bit. No one's gonna take your food away."

"You've got the point. No one's gonna take my food away. And I am sure no one dares to do that to me. After all, I am the hostess of this house. Do you think so, Jesse?" Jean raised her head with a smile and asked Jesse with a sharp look.

Jesse was shocked for a minute, but immediately replied with a smile, "Jean, I sense that you are a little different today."

"How can it be? I'm still the same as before." After that, Jean took a long gulp of milk, while keeping her face calm.

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