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   Chapter 216 Let Me Hold Your Hand And Accompany You Forever

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8334

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Jean was annoyed because Eva would be with them the next day. Though Jean didn't consider Eva as a threat to her relationship with Zed any more, she still was uncomfortable with Eva. After all, Eva desired Zed. No woman would be so generous as to be friends with her rivals in love.

'Jean, how distressing your life is!

You deserve all the troubles since you are just a normal person but you got married to such a handsome, smart and successful man. That's why you have to face so many difficulties.'

Jean thought silently. She meditated for a prolonged time and picked up her phone to text Eva the destination for the next day.

"What are you thinking?" Jean sensed the familiar pleasing odor of body wash and then felt a warm touch on her shoulder. It was Zed, who enquired Jean sweetly.

"Nothing important." Jean unknowingly deleted the text that she had just sent to Eva as she turned to Zed and lifted her eyes to look at Zed. Seeing water dripping from Zed's hair, Jean said with a smile, "Let me help you dry your hair off."

After completing her words, she moved towards Zed, took over the towel from his hands and started to wipe his hair gently.

Feeling snugly, Zed slightly leaned onto Jean as he couldn't help but close his eyes as it was such a comfortable feeling and with a relaxed sigh words came out from his lips, "This moment is just what I was looking for in my whole life. Honey, help me dry my hair off every day from now on, okay?"

"Are you considering me as your housekeeper and you want me to serve you for the whole lifetime?" Jean asked in an angry tone intentionally. She was not at all upset but she was keenly interested in teasing Zed.

"That's the kinda fun couples have. You help me out with drying my hair off while I accompany you to buy food ingredients and do the household work. Isn't that nice?" Zed explained, with a sneer on his face.

"Don't we have Zelda to help us?" Jean couldn't help but laugh while shaking her head, "I know what you are doing. You still want me to stay at home and serve you, right?"

"No. I have told you before, that I am fine with you doing your work and I really mean it. I just enjoy these romantic dealings between a couple. It's really sweet." Zed described with a satisfying sigh.

"If I haven't seen your parents' love for each other, I would have thought that you grew up in a broken family. Zed, you really think distinctly from others." Jean couldn't help herself but sigh.

"Of course, who

t her onto the bed.

"Zed, I was about to tell you that in the evening I went to..."

Jean was not expecting Zed's reaction to be like this so she suddenly got anxious as she knew that if she didn't explain everything to him, she would definitely regret it later.

"Shh..." Zed placed his forefinger on Jean's lips in order to stop her from saying anything else. He looked into her eyes with extreme compassion and lovingly said, "Don't ruin the moment. You can tell me that tomorrow..."

The moment these words were out from Zed's mouth, he started kissing Jean all along her exquisite and soft skin with so much love and desire while moving all the way down.

Jean still wanted to tell Zed what she had done that evening even though she was already lost in his affection.

But when she woke up next morning, Zed was already gone.

No. She had to tell him the truth. Or it would be too late as Eva was going to come and she surely would tell him.

While still thinking about that, Jean forced herself to get up as she was sore all over but she still got dressed in haste before rushing down.

As soon as she stepped into the dining room, she saw that Jesse was leaning on Zed's back in vulnerable condition and that the two of them were both laughing. Jean was startled on seeing that. She couldn't believe what she had seen.

Was she still in her dream? Or that was just an illusion?

The two people in front of her looked more like lovers, instead of brother and sister.


As soon as that thought came to her mind, Jean's heart felt like it just got stung. Along with the pain in her heart, a chillness went all over her body.

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