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   Chapter 214 Stalking

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7595

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Maranda gave him a knowing smile. Then she followed Ron to his car.

Watching the taxi Jean took, go into a villa residence, Calvin was a little surprised. He then looked straight ahead with his deep dark eyes, remaining motionless.

"Sir, we cannot go any further." The taxi driver kindly reminded him knowing that it would be very dangerous to stop the car where they were. He wondered, 'Why does this well-dressed passenger want me to follow the taxi in front of us?'

"Just stop here and wait for a moment. I'll be back soon." Calvin gave the driver 200 dollars, opened the door and quickly got out.

Several strides later, he saw Jean get out of the taxi in front of her house. Lest Jean would see him, Calvin hastily hid in a dark corner, furtively keeping an eye on her.

He wondered to himself, 'Does Jean live here?'

What made Calvin really surprised and more curious was that during the twenty-minute drive, he saw Jean through the car window, remove her makeup and put on a coat at the back of the cab.

Calvin momentarily frowned, fixing his eyes on Jean.

By the gate, she looked around and sighed with relief after making sure that no one was watching her. She flipped her hair before hitting the doorbell.

She had left the house in a hurry earlier and forgot to take the key with her.

While waiting for someone to get the door, Jean had a feeling of uneasiness.

She turned around again, and found only the bright neon signs welcoming her. 'I'm probably just overthinking, ' thought Jean.

As the posh front gate opened, Jesse's pretty face appeared.

Seeing Jean standing outside, Jesse couldn't help frowning and asked in surprise, "Oh, Jean? I didn't expect it to be you."

"I forgot my key." Jean stepped in with a wistful smile on her face.

"How could that happen?" Jesse murmured, fixing her eyes on Jean and then asked, "You're kind of weird. Were you taking advantage of Zed's absence to hook up with someone?"

"What are you talking about? Oh, come on. I just went shopping with my friend, okay?" Jean rolled her eyes at Jesse to hide her panic. Then she asked, "Wait, so you're saying that Zed isn't back yet?"

"Yeah." Jesse nodded and then muttered, "We are leaving tomorrow for the vacation planned days ago. But

y with work recently, so I didn't really ask."

"Yeah, he has gotten really busy nowadays." After that, Jesse turned off the TV. Then she looked at Jean with a serious face, "Jean, can I ask you a question?"

Jean was stunned as Jesse was being frank. She just nodded.

"How much do you know about Zed?" Jesse asked, staring at Jean.

"Not much I think." Jean replied and then said with a wry smile, "We have only been together for such a short time, so I just know a little bit about him. I know we still need to get to know each other more."

"Then how can you not get worried since it's late and he isn't back yet? You've never asked him what he was doing, haven't you?" Jesse asked with a look of disbelief.

"I trust him. I am sure that he can handle himself well on his own. My husband is a secure guy, isn't he?" Jean replied with confidence. She had complete faith in her husband.

"I think you don't get what I am saying." Jesse sighed, "Men are easy to succumb to women, and Zed is not an exception. As an excellent CEO, a lot of beautiful women are trying to win his affection. And I mean a LOT!" She stared at Jean while making a sad face. "Although he loves you very much and seems very determined, I am afraid that he may give in to temptation and make a mistake one day and..."

"Jesse, I do know what you are saying." Jean didn't let Jesse finish and just smiled at her.

Although she hated hearing things like that about her husband, Jean still looked at Jesse with a faint smile.

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