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   Chapter 213 It Was Obviously A Threat

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8322

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"Stay where you are! Don't come closer." Jean raised her voice. Their relentless behavior had caused Jean to lose her temper.

Jean's yelling stunned the two guys and even Maranda. They froze as they looked at Jean with surprise.

She was already showing more than a hint of impatience. Sensing that she may have overdone it, Jean glanced over Ron and Calvin's faces and forced a smile at Maranda who didn't know what to say. "Thanks everyone for coming. I am also glad that I came. But you don't have to drive me home. I have already made arrangements for a taxi to pick me up. And as for you two gentlemen, I think you must be clear about why I came here tonight. You are smart and sensible men, aren't you? Do you think it is worth your time to badger me like this?"

"How could it not be?" Calvin grimaced as he replied, "Essentially, I just came here with Ron for fun. However, I wasn't expecting to see a wonderful and entertaining show like this. It's been absolutely fun for me. Jean, you really surprised me a lot. Maybe it's because I have lived abroad for too long, the current social scene here has already become unfamiliar to me. May I have the pleasure of asking you to help me with it?"

"What do you mean?" Maranda instantly tensed up and leaned forward after hearing what Calvin said.

"He meant nothing. He just wanted to invite your friend to hang out another day." Ron explained.

"Ohh, with a guy as conceited as him? She would definitely not agree, right Jean?" Maranda said in a ruffled tone as she glanced at her friend before turning back over to glare at Ron.

"I'm not compelling you. You have the right to say no. But I should remind you first, you wouldn't want to let Maranda's parents know what happened tonight, would you?" Calvin replied without looking up, inspecting his fingernails.

"You..." Maranda's aggressive look faded immediately after hearing Calvin's words. She was still pissed but she didn't know what to say back to Ron's cocky friend.

By this time, Jean realized that she had gotten herself in trouble.

Instead of turning them off, Jean's obnoxious appearance and behavior were so eye-catching and out of the ordinary that it impressed them. Jean's face soured as she realized that her plan had backfired.

Ron was an excellent and outstanding man who had a strong sense of dignity and he had come here essentially just for fun. He would in no way put up seeing himself involved in Maranda's plan to sabotage this date.

hanks. But I'm not going with you. You need only take Maranda home if you want. My home is very close from here and the taxi I called has already arrived." Jean quickly refused and then made eye contact with Maranda to signal her for support.

Maranda immediately understood what Jean meant. She flashed another smile, "Yes, it's true. It's really unnecessary to take her home. Ron and Calvin, thank you both for your concern."

If Zed found out that Jean was driven home by either guy, he would definitely be enraged and no one knew what he would do to Jean.

It was too risky to be seen with them, much worse to get driven home. Zed's jealousy was just too dangerous for Jean.

Ron and Calvin were confused. However, it would be too unnatural for them to insist further. So they just let it go.

"Okay, as you wish. It will be ungentlemanly for us if we push too much. We will bid goodbye for now and hope to see you soon. Take care, Jean."

The four of them stepped out of the club together. Seeing the taxi that Jean had reserved, Ron quickly approached it and opened the door for her.

"Thanks." Jean then smiled at Ron and waved her hand to the other two before getting into the backseat and left.

"Ron, take care of Maranda, I am leaving, as well." Calvin said with a smile. He then got into another taxi and left.

"Didn't Calvin drive to come here?" Maranda asked Ron trying to remember what she saw earlier that evening.

"Em…" Ron's face showed a bit of embarassment. He then explained, "He had just come back from abroad. There is still no car available for him and he also needed time to go through the licensing procedures."

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