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   Chapter 212 Don't Think I'll Help You Again

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7750

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Eva looked at Jean fiercely but spoke in a cold voice.

After hearing this, there was a "buzz" in Jean's head, which went blank.

Jean couldn't help but groan in her mind. 'Why am I so unlucky to be entangled with this bitch today? It is getting clear that Eva won't let me off easily. How bitter is this woman?'

"There's nothing I can do. Whatever you want to do in the future, don't think I'll help you again!" Jean looked up at Eva and said resolutely.

"Really? If Zed finds out that you were on a romantic date with two men tonight, I don't know what he would think. Let me remind you that whether Zed cares about you or not, in the public eye, you are his wife. A man, especially someone of Zed's status, won't allow anyone to taint his dignity and smear dirt on his name."

Eva saw that Jean wasn't affected by her manipulative tactics at all, so she immediately turned to a different strategy and threatened Jean.

Hearing Eva, Jean groaned again in her mind. 'It seems that Eva has become a little smarter. She already knows how to use the opportunity to blackmail me!'

"Words alone are no proof. Do you think Zed will believe your nonsense?" Jean straightened up and pretended to speak casually, hiding the anxiety in her voice. "If you want to find an opportunity to see Zed, I advise you to think of some other ways. Because Zed has a low regard of you, he won't believe you anymore! If..."

Before Jean finished talking, Eva smiled smugly and pressed on her cell phone. Suddenly, a familiar voice came clearly from the speaker. These were the recordings of what Jean just said to Ron.

"Mr. Qi, right? So, do you want to go after Maranda?"

"So, did you also come here to score a date with Maranda as your parents instructed you to do?"

"I dare not to give any advice. However, we are all young. This pile of crap "tradition" we are doing here is out of date. It won't do us any good to blindly follow what our parents tell us to do. So Mr. Qi, don't you want to find a girl that you love to happily spend the rest of your life with?"

Knowing that Eva had recorded her conversation with Ron Qi, Jean's expression changed instantly. Gritting her teeth, Jean looked at Eva's disgusting face. Eva smiled proudly, congratulating herself for a job well done.

"Sure, I'm not that foolish

randa quickly stood up and went to her, and asked with concern.

"I'm all right, " Answering weakly, Jean shook her head and sat down with Maranda.

This time, Jean's spirits were obviously down and she had become absent-minded.

What's more, after the unpleasant conversation they had, Ron and Calvin still looked embarrassed.

After sitting a little longer with them, Jean gave Maranda the signal that the date was over.

Taking the hint quickly, Maranda looked at Ron and Calvin, and smiled, "Very nice to meet you both tonight. It's getting late now, I'd better go back with Jean."

"Maranda, let me see you off." Ron stood up with a smile.

"Jean, let me see you off as well. I can drive you home actually, " Calvin said and gazed at Jean leisurely.


Jean and Maranda exchanged doubtful glances with a feeling of anxiety and apprehension.

"It's dangerous for girls to go home alone at night. We'd better drive you home." After he said that, Calvin picked up his coat and grabbed Jean's hand to lead her outside.

"Maranda..." Jean called to her hurriedly.

"Calvin, please take your hand off Jean!" Maranda also felt anxious when she saw Jean's hand held by Calvin. She hurriedly walked toward Jean to pull her back and said to Calvin, "Thank you for your kindness, but I'll drive Jean home myself."

After that, an awkward smile appeared on Maranda's face.

"You're a girl yourself. It's dangerous for you to go home alone at night too." After he said that, Calvin was going to grasp Jean's hand again.

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