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   Chapter 211 What If All l Want Is Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6930

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Jean felt her head ache and turned around. What had happened to Eva?

She had not showed up for a long time. Where had she been off to? What a small world today!

Jean took special effort in dressing up today with high hopes that others wouldn't recognize her. How could Eva know that it was her instantly?

Maranda guessed from Eva's tone that Jean knew her. She turned to look at Jean with surprise.

Jean frowned and sighed with resignation. She replied, "Hello Eva. What are you doing here?"

"This is a high-end club. If you can come, then I surely can too." Eva said arrogantly. She stared at Jean with contempt and her tone was sarcastic, "And ewww... What are you wearing? That make up! If Zed…"

"Enough, Eva." Jean snapped gravely. Hearing Eva mentioned Zed's name, Jean changed her expression to a more hostile one.

The reason she dressed herself this way was not to expose her identity.

Why couldn't Eva take a hint on what was going on?

Or maybe she had read Jean's mind and already knew her intention. She was being like this to sabotage her scheme today.

What was worse, if Ron and Calvin knew who she was, Maranda would be in trouble.

Aware of the consequences, Jean stood up immediately and said to Eva, "Eva, come with me. I have something to tell you."

Eva showed a profound smile and nodded to the others naturally, then followed Jean to a more secluded place.

"How did you recognize me?" Jean crossed her arms on her chest and cut to the chase.

"How?" Eva's smiled more broadly. She acted coquettishly and clucked her tongue when she spoke. "I never imagined that you had such expertise in disguising yourself with makeup. A beauty turned into a repulsive character. Gosh…"

Jean' expression changed to shock. "Was that you who made the noise in the bathroom?..."

Because Jean didn't want Zed to know, she brought the cosmetics and even the clothes to change in the bathroom at the club. She spent half an hour to get this result.

It was actually the first time for her to put on makeup by herself. She really did

an enjoyed adding insult to injury when she saw Eva getting furious.

"Foul means? Me? What about you? Everyone knows how you and Zed ended up together. You thought he married you because he loved you? Oh Jean, you are so naive. If I don't deserve to have Zed and if I end up in misery, what about you? What makes you think that you are worthy of him?" Eva stared at Jean furiously. "I used to completely trust you. I asked you to set me up with Zed. Not only did you not want to help me at all. You made Zed get mad at me. You wanted him for yourself. It is all because of you that I end up like this. You put me here in this situation."

Jean watched Eva in shock. Seized by jealousy and fury, Eva had turned into this sad, horrible monster.

A woman could get hideous when she becomes irrational.

Bad luck for her today. She took an elaborate effort to conceal her real identity but still ran across Eva and was found out. Unfortunately she wouldn't be able to help Maranda now. Jean sighed and looked at Eva with resignation.

"Eva, I am done talking you out of it. Whatever you want to do, I can only advice you not to go overboard with yourself. Men can't give you everything you want. With or without Zed, you are still who you are."

Jean tried to reason with her earnestly.

"You can save your pathetic speech. It sounds nice. But what if all I want is Zed?"

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