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   Chapter 210 Acting As Villain

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What's more, with this makeup, Zed would never be able to recognize her even if Jean stood in front of him.

This was the most critical and the most important point.

By now, a lot of people had known her relationship with Zed. She couldn't have him humiliated with this.

"This here, is my best friend Jean Wen. Jean, This is Ron Qi and his friend Calvin Li."

Maranda swiftly realized that she had to introduce her friends to each other. She did so with a wide grin on her face.

Jean arrogantly looked at the man called Ron from head to foot. While she tried to look judgmental on purpose, she admired him a lot on the sly. Ron was a fine man.

Coming from a rich family, Ron had the money to spend capriciously like a playboy, but he inhibited himself from such.

He was tall, strong and handsome, but what was most admirable about him as a first impression was the nobleness in his demeanor and the way he carried himself.

"Nice to meet you." Hearing that Jean was Maranda's friend, Ron stopped staring and gracefully extended his hand out to shake hands with her.

Jean intentionally pretended as if she didn't see him stretch his hand out. She just sneered, "Mr. Qi, right? So, do you want to go after Maranda?"

Ron was taken aback that Jean got straight to the point. He wasn't prepared to meet such a confident and straightforward woman. He was at a loss for words.

However, Calvin, who stood beside him, watching the whole thing, kept silent. He took a side glance at Jean and continued smoking.

"There won't be any chasing today. It is just the first time that we meet each other and we just want to get a bit more familiar with each other."

Ron Qi frowned. He disliked Jean's looks on him.

She was staring so sharply at him as if she could see through him. Ron felt uneasy all over and seemed a little nervous. Jean was a little intimidating for him.

"So, did you also come here to score a date with Maranda as your parents instructed you to do?" Jean did not beat around the bush.

Maranda had no idea what Jean had planned to do, beforehand. She had only made a request that Jean should help her that day.

And it was for Jean to do whatever she wanted to ruin this date.

Jean could get creative and have as much fun as she wanted as long as they would get to walk away from this supposed date.

However, Jean was

or her, Maranda.

It seemed that Jean really treated her as a real friend.

Jean was unclear of what Maranda was thinking, but she didn't want to know.

After drinking a big mouthful of juice, she sat back and calmed herself down.

When she saw that all three people were starting at her, Jean couldn't help frowning and asking, "What are you looking at? Is there anything on my face?"

She stretched her hand out and touched her own face, as if looking for some strange object on it.

"No, you are very good." Maranda hurriedly took Jean's hand and smiled.

Both Ron and Calvin felt a bit embarrassed when Jean asked them the question. They just looked at each other and then looked away.

"Jean, you have done a good job. Since you have messed everything up, they are so turned off and they will definitely have no interest in me any longer." Maranda murmured to Jean.

"Have no interest in you? What do you mean?" Jean frowned and asked her in confusion. What Maranda said sounded so weird!

"I mean......" Before Maranda was able to explain clearly, they were interrupted.

"She means that she has found the right person for help. You have successfully attracted the attention of both men."

The facial expressions of everyone present there changed immediately when they suddenly heard a familiar and insinuating voice.

Maranda raised her voice while looking at the sexy and enchanting woman who had just come to join their table. "Who are you?"

That woman complacently gazed at Jean and replied, "To know who I am, you should ask your friend."

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