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   Chapter 209 An Unreliable Woman

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7627

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"Zed......" Looking guilty and innocent, Jean walked up to her husband and said, "I forgot about our weekend plan with Jesse......"

"It doesn't matter. Now that you remember, it makes no difference." Zed kissed Jean on the forehead as he walked by, drying his hair.

"But......" Jean bit her lips, embarrassed of what she was about to say. "I have actually made a previous appointment with my colleague. I promised her that I would accompany her this weekend......"

Jean was afraid to tell Zed that she was going to accompany Maranda to a match making date. She was almost sure that it would upset Zed.

"Accompany her?" He looked at Jean and asked. "Why would your colleague need you to accompany her?" Zed didn't understand the need to be there for her colleague.

"She is kind of my friend and we made plans to hang out this weekend......" Jean felt a little embarrassed as she replied.

"I see. Okay! If you have already promised her then it would be inappropriate for you to stand her up!" Zed really felt happy for Jean that she had now started making friends at work.

For the whole time since they have gotten married, he barely saw anyone close to her.

If this person was reliable and trust-worthy, then this weekend could......

"How do you plan to make it work with both appointments?" Zed looked at Jean and asked.

"How about this? We set off on Saturday and this Friday evening, I will be with my colleague." Jean felt that it was a fair arrangement and was positive about it.

"I suppose so! It's just for one night. But, do you think you can make it? Aren't you going to be too stressed out? I mean, hanging out with your colleague Friday night and then going out with us the following day......" Zed was a little worried that this weekend might tire her out.

"Oh, don't worry about me. I have more than enough energy and I'm really excited for both." Jean figured that she could easily manage both days so she answered real quick.

After all, it was the first time that Maranda asked her and she seemed pretty desperate and in need of her help.

She really didn't want to turn her down.

She wasn't sure if she could really be of help to Maranda, but as long as she was there for moral support, it would make Maranda feel better.


ty actually was. Thinking of it made her sad.

Maranda was still immersed in her own happiness and didn't notice that something was off.

When she calmed down, she noticed Jean had stayed quiet for quite a long time and a touch of hidden sadness played on her face.

Time flew, and the days passed by quietly.

As she had promised Maranda, Jean prepared ahead of time and did quite an effort on her outfit.

When she rushed into the club, Maranda and the match maker man were already waiting.

What surprised her was that besides Maranda and a wealthy looking playboy, there was another young man sitting on the couch, smoking. He was dressed casually.

Jean was out of breath and embarrassed, she apologized, "Sorry I'm late."

"No, you weren't late at all" Maranda stood up and welcomed her. A complex look flashed on her face, she made a forced smile and said, "Jean, your look today is...... quite unique......"

Jean looked at her outfit and laughed.

Of course, she dressed up before she came out tonight.

Bright colors, blonde curly hair and heavy makeup with some deliberate rosy smears.

She looked like an unreliable woman. The kind you pay for company.

Tonight was about Maranda, but if she had such an unreliable woman by her side, doing unreliable things then they can save themselves some time. No need to bother for explanations.

Since it was Maranda's idea for Jean to sabotage this match making, Then she was going to sabotage it from top to bottom and all the way through.

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