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   Chapter 208 Intimate Embrace After Unlocking Her Heart

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Jean quickly covered Zed's mouth with her hand. But, it was too late. His words had already been spoken and could not be taken back.

"How could you make a vow like that so easily?" Jean exclaimed, with mixed feelings.

"Well I had to. What else could I do to make you believe me? Now, tell me. Did that set your mind at rest?" Zed couldn't help running his hand gently along the contours of her face, and spoke softly. "Now stop thinking too much about it. What had happened to your parents will never happen between you and me. Having you in my life is enough for me."

"Zed……" Finally, Jean let go of all her reservations and opened her heart to Zed. Flinging herself into his arms, she wrapped hers around him and hugged him tightly.

Once bitten and twice shy, it was just a joke for her at first. But unexpectedly, it touched the wound in her heart.

It was extremely difficult for her to have a sense of security all the time ever since she was with Zed.

Especially when she knew that it was easy for him to have sex with other women, especially one night stands. This made her extremely worried.

She was totally scared, that Zed would eventually follow the same old disastrous road that Henry took.

Henry, the man who abandoned his wife and his daughter. A true heart breaker.

He was seduced by other women so easily that he left his own wife behind.

Burdened with a heavy and broken heart, her mother died young. A sad ending to what was supposed to be a happy life.

'But, Zed will not be like other men.'

The moment when he made a vow to her, with a look of absolute certainty and undeniable sincerity, she believed in him.

Well, he was hers now. Her own husband.

And now as a couple, she would have to account for half of the responsibility in this relationship, no matter what happened, until the end.

Therefore, the first thing for her was to put all her trust in him and throw away any shade of doubt.

She shall no longer doubt him nor be suspicious of him. Otherwise, it would only irritate him.

"Sorry to make myself a joke just now." A little embarrassed, Jean wiped her eyes. She had calmed down and her heart was at peace.

"You are not a joke. How can you say that? It had just become quite evident that what had happened to your parents has such a deep impact on you." said Zed, looking seriously at Jean, his eyes full of sympathy.

"How could it not? No sooner than my mom died, Joy had become the new Mrs. Wen and my life became a living hell ever since

ht was written all over her face.

"This weekend?" Jean's facial expression changed to shock.

She had almost forgotten about that.

'Oh no. What am I supposed to do now?

There is absolutely no way for me to go out with Zed and Jesse, and keep my promise with Maranda.'

"What's the matter?" Jesse couldn't help asking, seeing Jean's sudden change of expression.

"I……" With a quick glance at Jesse, Jean put on a sheepish smile, "It's all right. It's just that I almost forgot about something. I'm glad that you mentioned it."

"Well, let me remind you now. We've made it a deal already. And we can't go back on our word in any case! I'm just looking forward to going out and having a good time."

As a worldly-wise person, Jesse had a rough idea what was going, just by the look on Jean's face, even though she did not say it at all.

Inwardly sighing, Jean still flashed a smile at Jesse, "Don't worry! I will keep that in mind!" Her voice was one pitch too high.

Jean couldn't help scolding herself, 'How could my memory be so poor like this?

Oh my gosh, I've got myself in trouble now. One of these two parties will be mad at me soon because I could not keep my word.'

"Okay, it's a deal. I'll figure it out later where we can go for fun this weekend. Can't waaaaait!" Jesse sang. Jesse was relieved, satisfied with Jean's reply and put on a beautiful smile on her face.

Jean had no choice but to nod helplessly at the moment.

After returning to the bedroom that night, Zed saw the long face on his wife and asked with concern, "What happened? You've been absent-minded all through dinner. What did you and Jesse talk about? You seem quite unhappy."

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