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   Chapter 207 On A Whim

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6495

Updated: 2018-12-30 15:38

A grin appeared on Zed's face, and a ray of affection came in his eyes.

This was the first time that Jean had asked him such a bold question. This meant that she was not so cautious as before, always wanting to making a clean break with him.

Good. Now that she asked, how could he let her down?

"I first……"

Zed deliberately said the words slowly. When he looked from the corner of his eyes that Jean was looking at him nervously, he couldn't help laughing, and said, "Dear wife, it was a past thing. We'll not mention it again, okay?

I swear I would have kept my virginity for you, if I had known it before you would be my wife.''

Zed intended to end the talk, otherwise telling the truth would certainly cause a terrible result.

"I just asked you about the time of your first sex, but why are you hiding it?

Zed, you are very clear that my first time was with you.'' Jean puffed out her cheeks, looking at Zed angrily.

Deceiving me in a cursory manner? No way.

Jean was not the person who she used to be, and couldn't be deceived by few words.

"Tell me first, why you would like to know this when everything is going fine?"

Asked Zed. He was having slight headache because of this.

"Nothing. I am just curious, and I acted on my sudden impulse."

Jean fixed her eyes on Zed, "Don't change the subject. Say it or not?''

"I'll say."

It appeared that Jean was not going to give up without an answer, so Zed sighed helplessly, "My first sex may have happened when I was in the university. Then I was curious about everything, so...''

Zed said humiliatingly, with a rare blush on his face.

"In the university?"

Exclaimed Jean. She looked at Zed unbelievably.

"I have told you It was just on a whim."

Zed sighed, looking at Jean weakly.

"That is to say, you didn't love that woman, but you still had sex with her?"

Still in shock, Jean was not able to calm herself down for a long time

e still grieving about her." Zed comforted her awkwardly.

"She was so cruel to leave me. How could she be sad. If my mom had been braver and had not left me, I wouldn't have been so demanding over the years.'' Jean continued to cry.

"All right, all right......" Zed hugged her with love, and comforted her, "All the sufferings have passed. You have me now, don't you? I will not allow anyone to hurt you any more.''

''Zed, you don't understand what I meant.'' Jean freed herself from Zed's arms, and looked at him tearfully, "I was not involved in your past, and let bygones be bygones. But no matter what happens in the future, good or bad, you should tell me first. Don't treat me as a fool and let me be the last one to know. I will always stand by your side. But I need time to get prepared. Only in this way can I face all the difficulties in the future."

"Why are you saying these words when everything is all right?'' Zed frowned immediately and looked displeased, ''Jean, let me tell you. Your parents didn't live a happy life. But it doesn't mean that we will experience that. I, Zed, can tell you now I will never let you down, and I will never do anything to make you feel wronged. If there really is such a day, I would be bound to suffer the most serious consequences.''

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