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   Chapter 206 When Was The First Time You Had Sex

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7212

Updated: 2018-12-30 15:13

Maranda said imposingly.

Startled Jean stared at Maranda with wide eyes, and asked, "You are going on a blind date? Are you sure? But, why?"

As a gorgeous lady, Maranda had absolutely no reason to stoop herself to go on a blind date.

And not only that, just a few days ago, she was still thinking about John.

How did Maranda console herself to go on a blind date?

It is true to say that young girls don't take love seriously.

"Actually, I don't want it. But my parents are whining about it for days. Moreover, you were teasing me at noon, which made me very uncomfortable. So, you have to make it up to me by accompanying me on the date. So that, I can get rid of my parents. But at the same time, you have to help me. The guy who would go out with me won't badger me. You are good at it, aren't you?"

Saying that, Maranda looked at Jean with her bright eyes.

"Maranda, I apologize for what happened at noon. But you shouldn't take it seriously to force me to go with you on a blind date. Don't forget that I am a married woman. Do you think it is appropriate for me to go with you?" said Jean, with a grief in her smile.

'It seems that I have to think carefully about the consequences before joking to Maranda next time, ' thought Jean.

"I know you are married. But it's okay. I'm just asking you to accompany me to ruin my date, not to have a date. I know you are a smart girl. And I know you will not disappoint me, will you?" Maranda patted Jean firmly on her shoulder, as if she was pinning all her hopes on Jean.


Jean still wanted to refuse. But, suddenly, Maranda got right in front of Jean's face, looking pitiful, and said, "Jean, I'm so pleased that you are married and you are living a really happy life with Zed. As my best friend, how can you stand by and let me be with a man who I don't love? I have no other choice but to ask you for help. So, please just say yes, okay?"

Initially, Jean didn't care about Maranda's request. But after her best friend's gloomy request, Jean sighed and replied, "The matter is not that I don't want to help you but I don't know how to help you."

"As long as you promi

Zed stared at Jean, while flirting with her.

"You... stop that..." Embarrassed by Zed's stare, Jean hastily covered her burning cheeks.

'Zed is becoming daring now. How can he flirt with me despite of the time, place or the situation?

I admit that I am really attracted by his good looks, so I was gazing at his face for a while. But he shouldn't have taken it as a reason to tease me, ' thought Jean.

It turned out that men were vain in nature.

Once they were joking, they were more scary than any other creatures in the world.

Jean said to herself, "Since he is so bold, I would like to give him a little punishment. So he can experience the feeling of shyness."

Then a weird expression came on her face. And Jean opened her mouth, "Since you mentioned that we are a married couple, then please tell me when was the first time you had sex."

After that, Jean stared unblinkingly at Zed.

At that moment, Zed was concentrating on his driving. He was stunned for some time at Jean's question. But a few minutes later, he looked enquiringly at Jean and asked, "Honey, are you sure you really want to ask me that question?

"What's wrong with this question? I am your wife. Of course I have the right to know about it. You don't have courage to tell me about that, do you?" Sensing Zed was looking at her, Jean felt a little self-conscious. But she didn't want to flinch. Curiosity overwhelmed her at that moment.

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