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   Chapter 205 Is It Worth Doing That For Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7584

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Jean said indifferently when she felt that Maranda was staring at her fiercely while she was eating.

After hearing what Jean said, John, who was still enjoying his meal, coughed wildly and flushed.

'Why am I caught up in this even while having a meal?' he thought to himself.

Maranda also felt rather embarrassed and stammered, "Why shouldn't I look at you? Jean, what do you mean?"

"I have said very clearly. I already have a husband, so don't have any intentions on me, " Jean explained calmly.

This angered Maranda, who fumed, "Who has any intentions on you?"

"Well! Since you don't have intentions on me, it means that you are a girl with normal sexual orientation. If you are normal, shouldn't you cast your eyes on that handsome man?" Jean seemed unapologetic about what she said and prodded Maranda.

"You......" Maranda tried to reply, but found herself stammering instead. Then she flushed and realized that she was amused by Jean.

There was no need to dwell on that remark, so she put it behind her.

Jean teasingly jeered at her from time to time, as if she didn't know that Maranda loved John.

After hearing what Jean said, John also felt very uneasy. He didn't speak again for a while, wondering how he should handle the situation. "Jean, don't embarrass Maranda anymore. I know that you are intentionally embarrassing her in front of me so that you can get an answer from me."

As John expected, Jean smiled with complacent superiority when he uttered those words.

Maranda was still confused. She stared at Jean and curiously asked, "What do you mean?"

Jean shrugged and snickered.

John could be flirtatious. He was not totally cold and indifferent though he always wore a hard, rigid face in front of everybody, whoever they were.

Jean felt that John wasn't totally ruthless to Maranda.

Hence, she deliberately jeered at Maranda in front of John, so that he would say something to lighten the atmosphere and calm his sense of guilt.

It was undeniable that John was smart.

He also understood Jean's intentions. He knew how he should respond and play the game.

Jean stared at John expectantly, waiting for his answer.

"Just as you have thought. I don't want to say anything more." After he finished speaki

date her.

This shouldn't have been done by Zed given the image he maintained. Furthermore, he had made the investments for her against his own code of conduct.

However, it hadn't occured to her to blame Zed for this when he teased her over the phone.

She was so happy now. The joy she felt was overwhelming.

Yes, she was so fortunate to have a man who loved and cared about her so much.

The smile on Jean's face lingered through the entire afternoon. She was happily preoccupied with her work.

However, Maranda looked very anxious and downcast. She seemed to have something weighing heavily on her mind.

After fretting for some time, she threw her pen down on the desk.

Jean was shocked. She stared at Maranda and asked her with some concern, "What's wrong, Maranda?"

"I'm really upset." Maranda gave a disdainful glance at Jean, puffed out her cheeks and angrily said, "Don't tease me often. Do you really regard me as your friend?"

"Of course... I did that because I treat you as my friend, " Jean explained after pausing for a moment. She continued with a smile, "I will always treat you as my friend, and I don't have to think twice about what I say and do in front of you! Because I know, at the end of the day, that you won't be angry at me."

Maranda wore a rigid face and said in a serious tone, "But I was furious this time."

Jean pretended to be shocked and asked her with a smile, "Then what should I do to make up?"

"I want you to go dating with me this weekend."

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