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   Chapter 204 There’s No Need To Hide It From Us

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Jean returned to her spot and seemed to be thinking about something. Suddenly she noticed that Maranda was glancing at her anxiously.

Jean waved her hand, gesturing for Maranda to come over silently.

Looking somewhat confused, Maranda pointed to herself. After Jean nodded her head, Maranda walked over to Jean.

"What's the matter?" Maranda asked in a low, discreet voice.

"You told me earlier that the Lei Group withdrew their money, right?" Jean asked in a serious tone, looking directly at Maranda.

"Yes, the source is reliable." Maranda nodded confidently and then leaned towards Jean. She whispered, "Don't tell anyone that it was my cousin who gave me the news."

"Your cousin?" Jean asked, looking quite bewildered.

"My cousin is in the marketing department of his family's company. So he always gets the news first-hand and fast. It is said that Ethan Lei was taken back to the Imperial City after he was found. It was the current CEO of the Lei Group who took action to withdraw their money from our company. I was so worried, because there's a very high possibility that it's all true, "

Maranda said with a look of helplessness.

"But boss didn't mention the Lei Group's withdrawal of money in the meeting room just a moment ago. If what you said is true, then how come our company hasn't reacted since that happened?" Jean asked, tilting her head slightly and appearing confused.

"That's exactly what I'm curious about. How did our company survive the crisis?" Maranda said, sharing Jean's thoughts.

Jean frowned. She suddenly recalled that her boss had glanced at her in the meeting room in an unusual, inexplicable way. What did that mean? John also appeared to be holding back his words. Jean began to realize that something was wrong.


No way!

A thought came to her mind, but she quickly dismissed it. She shook her head, unwilling to believe that it could be true.

"Jean, did you figure it out?" Maranda asked excitedly, her eyes fixed on Jean, after noticing the complicated look on her face.

"I don't know. That's why I asked you!" Jean sighed as she looked at Maranda. Then she said, "Let's not think about it too much. Whatever has happened has happened! Let's get back to work!"

Maranda nodded in agreement and replie

forget the possibility of a new party investing in their company?

If the Lei Group withdrew their money and the company wasn't affected, then there must have been some new investment!

Maranda turned to Jean and looked at her with eyes full of respect. She had to admit that Jean really thought deeply.

"I know what you intended to ask." John gave a sigh as he didn't have any better choice than to refuse to answer Jean's question. He looked into Jean's eyes and said, "But I can't tell you. After all, it is highly confidential information that only the top executives can know. The party involved asked us to keep it a secret. So don't make it hard on me, alright?"

John pleaded as he frowned and tightened his lips. He couldn't violate the regulations, so... he couldn't tell Jean.

"All right." Jean decided not to turn on the heat on John this time. She began to eat and avoided asking any more questions.

She thought to herself that it would all soon be figured out anyway.

Her eyes wide open, Maranda thought that Jean would definitely get the answer if she asked John one more time as Jean meant so much to him.

But to Maranda's surprise, Jean unhesitatingly chose not to persist with her question.

Jean was really something!

But in this instance, Maranda could hardly contain her curiosity. She desperately wanted to know the answer.

Maranda lost her appetite all of a sudden as she looked at Jean with growing indignation.

"Don't look at me like that. If you have to, look at John!"

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