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   Chapter 202 Lei Group Withdrew Shares

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9559

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When Jean awoke the next morning, she felt sore all over. When she turned to look at Zed who was still sound asleep, she couldn't help but grin happily.

Last night, she engrossed herself wholeheartedly in Zed's tender love for her and almost consumed all her strength when responding to Zed.

It was a good chance for them to open their hearts to each other so that the misunderstandings between them could be dispelled. Jean sighed in contentment for she had reconciled with Zed.

Since it was still very early in the morning, Jean was in no hurry to get out of bed. She spent a few minutes studying Zed's handsome face. On impulse, she reached forward and gently ran her fingers across his face.

Until that moment, Jean had found it hard to believe her luck. Her marriage had been arranged by her parents, and she had never once considered that she would fall in love. And yet, here she was happily in love with the most outstanding and charming man in H City.

More importantly, he felt the same way about her.

Everything was so unimaginable to her. Jean had for long, wanted to feel loved and cherished. She had hoped for the longest time that she would perceive that from her real family. And yet, she only received this unconditional affection from Zed.

Jean's heart beat faster as her fingers slid over his smooth eyebrows.

She smiled tenderly as she thought of all that Zed meant to her. Jean's breath hitched when she realized that Zed had woken and was looking at her. She flashed him an embarrassed grin.

"Good......good morning, " Jean stammered as she greeted him. Jean found that she couldn't match his intense stare and looked away. Her cheeks turned red.

"Honey, good morning." Zed threw his arms around Jean and buried his head in her hair. He enjoyed Jean's distinctive scent.

Jean blushed when Zed hugged her. Although they had had sex many times before last night, Jean always felt awkward in the morning.

When Jean felt Zed's erection, she pushed him away bashfully and said, "I need to get up, or else I will be late for work."

Jean rushed to the bathroom without another glance at Zed.

Zed smiled helplessly. He watched in fascination as Jean fled from him. She was naive in so many ways. This innocence appealed to Zed's protective side.

After relaxing for a moment, Zed sighed as he got out of bed.

Jean quickly finished her shower. When she walked into the bedroom, she saw that Zed was standing in front of his closet, picking a shirt.

Remembering his reaction to their cuddle in the morning, a bashful smile graced Jean's face. Still unable to face him, she looked at the floor as she spoke, "Zed, why don't you have a shower? Let me pick your clothes."

"All right." Zed nodded. He didn't want to embarrass her again as he could see that she was shy.

He thought it would be a while befo

ted by each other's moods had been a correct observation.

The more Jean smiled, the happier he felt. And so, all his actions were directed toward making Jean happy.

Fortunately, everything was all right.

Zed drove the car steadily all the way to Jean's company. When they arrived, Jean leaned over and kissed Zed as she cheerfully said, "Be careful. Bye!"

Zed feigned a pout as he said, "Don't go home by yourself! When you're done with work, wait for me here and I will come pick you up. And before you object, please remember that you are my wife, and that it is my duty to care for you!"

"If you insist, dear husband!" Jean jested. Then her face grew serious as she said, "I will wait for you outside the company when I get off work. Just be careful."

"Hmm!" Zed didn't understand why Jean was insisting that he be careful. He assumed she was just as reluctant to see him leave, as he was to see her go to work. And so with a small reassuring smile and a quick wave, Zed re-started the car.

Jean didn't start walking toward her company until she saw that Zed had left.

When she stepped into the office, she heard Maranda. "Oh, my gosh! Look who is here!" Maranda exclaimed before rushing forward to hug Jean.

"Jean, you came to work today? I thought you wouldn't be coming to the company any more. I was worried that I wouldn't see you again!"

"Why?" Jean blankly asked her friend. She had requested Zed to put forward her leave request to Sonny. She had no idea how Zed had gone about it.

Maranda frowned at Jean's reaction. "Erm..." she said as she tried to figure out how to break the news to Jean. "Don't you know what happened?"

"Know what?" Jean asked Maranda in confusion.

"The Lei Group has withdrawn its shares. I thought you hadn't come to work because you knew about this and figured that our company wouldn't survive the loss." Maranda whispered to Jean.

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