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   Chapter 200 Suspicions

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Jean frowned and stopped cleaning vegetables. She turned to face Zed.

"She told you she has someone in her heart?" Jean asked cautiously.

"No. I sensed that myself. Jesse was shocked as well. It almost felt as though she didn't know whether or not she fancied someone." Zed sighed as he exclaimed, "Any person trapped in love is blind. Jean, I am so lucky to have you. We love each other and we are sincere. We are so blessed!"

Zed encircled Jean's waist and pulled her close for a hug. He planted a gentle kiss on her head and closed his eyes as contentment filled him.

Jean was touched by Zed's sentimental confession. She put away her suspicions regarding Jessie temporarily. She smiled as she spoke, "Zed, I am lucky to have you as well."

Zed opened his eyes and stared at her beautiful face. Jean's genuine smile had lit up her face. Her eyes sparkled as well. Desire flamed inside Zed.

Jean saw the lust in Zed's eyes and flushed. She pushed him away gently. It would not be good for them to think about intimate matters at a time like this. Jean still had to finish preparing dinner. She stepped away from Zed to place a little distance between them. Then she sighed and said, "OK, you need to leave the kitchen now so that I can start cooking."

Zed pouted as he asked, "Why can't you let Zelda do the cooking today?" Jean giggled when she saw Zed's expression. This was one of the rare times that Jean had seen Zed pouting like a child. And she found the expression funny.

"It is OK, " Jean said dismissively, "I am in the mood to cook. Let me make something special for Jesse." Jean insisted.

"All right. What can I do to help then?" Zed asked in resignation. It seemed as though Jean was determined to make Jesse feel welcome.

"Nothing. You need to stay in the living room so that I can finish quickly. I won't be long." Jean pushed him out of the kitchen with a playful smile. She walked Zed to the couch and gently pushed him down. She even handed him a financial periodical! "Read this. I will call you when dinner is ready."

Still giggling, Jean hurried back to the kitchen.

Zed opened the magazine and began flipping through it to pass time. He loved how considerate Jean could be. Although he was a little disappointed that he couldn't spend more time with her, he was happy at the idea that Jean was making this effort for Jesse.

Once back in the kitchen, Jean busied herself with dinner preparation. But she was a little distracted. She couldn'

r way downstairs.

Jean was even more worried now. She clenched the hem of her clothes and felt uncomfortable.

She could do nothing if Jesse didn't want to tell her what was bothering her.

After the three sat down, to Jean's relief, Jesse's cheerful smile seemed sincere. The dinner went well, sprinkled with polite conversation, some laughs, and stories.

After dinner, Jean brought fruits from kitchen. Jesse and Zed were already sitting on the sofa chatting casually. Jean joined them.

"Jean, are you going to work tomorrow?" Jesse raised her head to look at Jean and asked suddenly.

"Yes." Jean nodded, still chewing the fruit in her mouth. "I have taken two days off. If I don't show up at work tomorrow, I will definitely be fired."

"That wouldn't be so bad, " Jesse said with a laugh. "Zed wouldn't mind at all because he would get to spend more time with you. Am I right, Zed?" Jesse looked at Zed with a playful smile as she commented.

"You spoke for my heart, but photography is Jean's dream. I cannot ruin her dream." Zed sighed in resignation.

"There is a solution, you know. Since Jean likes photography, you can help her to open a studio." Jesse suggested.

"No, no." Jean waved her hand hurriedly. "I am not so capable, and I don't have enough experience yet. Zed, please don't help me."

"Okay. But you know that Jesse was just joking, right?" Seeing that Jean had become worried, Zed tried to comfort her, "Don't worry. I know that you cherish the opportunity to study with Sonny. I will support your choice."

Jean smiled after hearing Zed's words.

Zed truly understood her. He always knew what she wanted most.

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